Abyssal Blade Demons are Saint-level monsters that come from the Abyssal Plane.

Summary Edit

In Abyssal Plane they are the weakest creatures and are as common as ants. There are two variants: a normal and a red variant. The red variants are stronger and more intelligent, being the leaders of the Abyssal Blade Demons. They are encountered in the Necropolis of the Gods in the Southern Sea on the 10th and 11th floor[1].

Appearance Edit

The body of an Abyssal Blade Demon is made of metal, so it reflects its surroundings like a blur mirror. It is human in shape, 2 meters tall and has a single horn on its forehead that looks like a sharp knife. Its shoulders have sharp knives atop them and their limbs are all sharp blades with edges on the front and back. Even its hands and fingers are sharp edged blades. It also has an extremely strong blade on their back, which is the most powerful one on their body[2].

Abilities Edit

Abyssal Blade Demons are as fast as lightning and possess powerful physical attacks. Every part of their body is a bladed weapon. Their body, being made from special metals, has impressive defense as well. They all have varying degrees of intelligence, from those who can only follow orders like a mindless drone to those who have human-like intelligence. However, they are still Saint-level beasts.

References Edit

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