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He is rash, ambitious and impatient but usually listens to the advice of Barnas, a full God who was once his caretaker. He enjoys a luxurious lifestyle of rare and precious food and wine, extravagant clothing along with an abundance of beautiful females.

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Adkins is a powerful Highgod that escaped from the Gebados Planar Prison through the gap of the interdimentional gate/formation that was torn open by Olivier's sword slash during their fight with Lord Beamount in the Yulan Continent. He has been a famous figure for ten billion years. Even in the harsh conditions of the Gebados Planar Prison, he is considered incredibly powerful. His power is only inferior to one of the 5 Kings of the Planar Prison- Lord 'Bluefire'.

After he escaped the Planar Prison, he went to destroy the War God Mountain while the War God and the rest of the Deities are in the Necropolis of the Gods. All the present disciples of the War God perish except for Fain who almost died too during the destruction but narrowly escaped to Linley's Dragonblood Castle. Adkins then takes over the O'Brien Empire alongside his underlings. Barnas is one of the few that Adkins trusts and has given one of the three his Highgod Artifacts he owned, the Spear of Cortez. He seems to have a strong hatred towards Beirut and often wanted to kill him. Though his ultimate aim is to go to the Necropolis of the Gods in hopes to find the legendary Sovereign sparks and artifacts therefore, he couldn't risk the chance of angering the Sovereign Emissary, Beirut. In the end, After engaging in a duel when Beirut made fun of him with the intention of letting Bluefire enter the Necropolis of the gods instead of him, he was then killed in a single blow.

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