Augusta is the Chief Sovereign of Light and the other personality of Chief Sovereign of Fate Orloff.

 Appearance Edit

The Chief Sovereign of Light was tall and strong. His loose white robes only revealed his musculature, and his long, golden hair seemed as dazzling as the sun. His skin was extremely white, almost crystalline and jadelike. He had no facial hair. His lower jaw was completely slick, but his eyebrows were as golden as his hair.

Golden eyebrows dropped down from his temples[1].

Personality Edit

Since he is from the Bula Race, his personality is the opposite of Orloff's. He is very ambitious and indulges in all possible pleasures. He also cares a lot for intangible might like carrying the title of having the strongest Clan in all the Planes.

History Edit

More than 10,000 years before the story began, he battled the 4 Sovereign Divine Beasts, the leaders of the Four Divine Beast Clans, while the battle was ongoing Beirut was watching from the Pocket Dimension and once the 4 Sovereigns were killed, he pulled their corpses into the Yulan Plane. Augusta was extremely dissatisfied with Beirut, but couldn't enter the Yulan Plane. This created a huge enmity between him and Beirut, and Augusta even sent 7 Star Fiends and 12 Winged Angels to kill Beirut, since he wasn't able to enter the Yulan Plane himself.He tricked Linley by telling him he would free his mother in exchange for the blood essence of the Four Divine Beast Sovereigns. When Wodred told Linley that Augusta hadn't actually freed his mother, Linley, enraged, went off to the Divine Light Plane to finish Augusta off.Augusta was later killed in 1 hit by Linley after Linley managed to gain another insight and finally fused four Profound Laws[2]

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References Edit

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