Baruch is the first Dragonblood Warrior of the Yulan Continent, as well as the founder of the Baruch clan of Dragonblood Warriors, making him Linley's ancestor. While he was in the Yulan plane, he was a Saint but sometime after going to the Infernal Realm, he became a God. He is currently the Branch Head of the Baruch clan (Yulan Branch) of the Redding Clan (Azure Dragon clan).


Baruch is a muscular man with powerful, protruding chest muscles. He has mussed brown hair and eyes that flow with wisdom.


History Edit

Baruch was the very first Dragonblood Warrior of the Yulan continent. In the year 4560 of the Yulan calendar, outside the walls of the city of Linnan, Baruch fought against a Black Dragon and a Titanic Frost Wyrm. In the end, he killed both the Titanic Frost Wyrm and the Black Dragon, causing him to become very famous across the continent. In the year 4579 of the Yulan calendar, along the coastline of the northern sea of the continent, Baruch fought against a Nine-Headed Serpent Emperor. On that day, the waves crashed unceasingly and nearby cities crumbled, but after a vicious fight lasting a full day and night, Baruch finally executed the Nine-Headed Serpent Emperor. Sometime after that, he founded the Baruch clan, and became the first leader of the Baruch clan.

Trivia Edit

  • Baruch was introduced in Book 1 chapter 3 by Hogg Baruch, who is telling Linley of the great achievements of his ancestors and recalling the days of greatness of the Baruch clan.
  • In Book 9 chapter 18,  he is first mentioned by Hodan, who claims to Linley that he visited Baruch in the Infernal Realm and drank with him. It is unknown if this statement is true as the Reinales Clan and the Redding Clan are enemies.
  • Baruch makes a reappearance as the clan leader of the Yulan Branch (also still known as the Baruch clan) in Book 17 chapter 5, where he comes out to ascertain the identity of Linley to allow him (Linley) to be officially inducted as a member of the Yulan Branch of the Redding Clan. In subsequent chapters, he explains the history and current state of the Redding Clan to Linley so he knows how dire their situation is, and also tells Linley of the Ancestral Baptism. He also explains the details behind the strength of the Azure Dragonform (the Dragonblood Warrior transformation), during which it is revealed that Baruch's bloodline is very pure, comparable to the second generation of the Redding clan. 80 years later, he signs Linley up for the Ancestral Baptism.