Appearance Edit

Bayer is a wind element Paragon[1],

Bayer appears as a person dressed in a long white robe, had white hair, and white eyebrows. His white brows were nearly vertical, and his eyes were extremely long and slanted[1],

Abilities Edit

Being a wind paragon Bayer is extremely fast[2]. Even under Reisgem's gravitation space he was able to attack without anyone stopping him. Further more, utilizing the fused elemental laws, his attacks are extremely powerful as well as restrictive, causing Bebe's extremely strong body to be damaged.

His Sovereign weapon is a longsword as thin as the wings of a cicada, glowing with green light.[2] It is able to create a hundred meter long spacial tear in in the planar wars dimension when used by Bayer.

Bayer has an area wide soul attack, the Soul Nirvana' Melody, which forced Linley to use a drop of Sovereign's might to stay alive, even though it was not directed at him.

Plot Edit

Bayer was asked by Occular's surviving clone, whose life-type clone was killed by Linley's hunting party (consisting of Reisgem, Bebe, Linley and Reihom) during the planar wars. Since Bayer owes Occular a favor, he scouted for and attacked Linley's group, aiming at Bebe

Having attacked Bebe with his bare hands, and only causing a scar on Bebe's chest, He attempted to kill Bebe with his Sovereign's Weapon, which was only able to wound Bebe' but not breach his muscles or bones. Using a drop of Sovereign's Might, he was still unable to kill Bebe, who himself also used a drop of Soverign's Might

As Bayer is a paragon, he is able to outlast Bebe on how long his Sovereign's Might, which caused Reisgem to gift both Bebe and Linley an entire canteen of Sovereign's might.

Realizing that he could not compete with the amount of Sovereign's might gifted to Bebe as Reisgem had an entire lakes worth of Sovereign's might from her mother he left. Also being pressured by Reisgem who threatened Bayer with the Rosebud Sovereign (apparently Reisgem's clone had informed his mother of the affair and is seeking help), Bayer left the pursuit.

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