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Affinity: Darkness Element

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Trains in Profound Laws of Darkness


  • Godeater Rats, when reaching adulthood become deities in the laws of darkness.
  • Innate ability unlocked: Similar to Dylin and Tarosse, Godeater Rats gain a devouring ability that kills the opponent and steals the opponent's divine sparks while leaving the corpse intact.


  • Because of his easy-going attitude, his grandfather Beirut spent a lot of effort and asked one of his friends to prepare for Bebe 'soul strips' which contain the laws. To get a soul strip, one must have an excellent understanding regarding the soul and be capable of separating the 'law' from the soul. The soul strip can be obtained only from a saint, right before one masters a law and becomes a Deity. As such one soul strip can help someone learn a law, but the final insight must be self-learned.
  • While residing at the Redding clan (book 17 chapter 35), Bebe already mastered 5 of the 6 laws of Darkness.


  • When in Meer City, Bebe meets his grandma, Carolina, who gives him the last soul strip. (book 17 chapter 42)
  • Bebe becomes a Highgod (book 18 chapter 2)


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