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He is the King of the Beholders from the Bintelan Plane and is a high peak-level Saint. He is encountered on the 8th floor of the Necropolis of the Gods in the Southern Sea. He does not manage to kill anyone because he was distracted by Olivier, but he is not dead, only injured as the Saints manage to blind him temporarily before escaping to the next floor[1].

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His real body is that of a single glowing, golden, giant eye, but he can form a body from ice of varying sizes. He usually uses a gentle voice like that of a kindly old man, which contradict his vicious intentions (yes, intentions, since he made threats but couldn't carry them out).

Abilities Edit

The Beholder King is extremely adept at soul-based attacks and is knowledgeable about the soul. People whose soul defense is weak will get dizzy just by looking at his real body, and he can immobilize other creatures in body and soul by blasting out grey light from the eye, or even control the minds of others through their soul. He can also control energy around him to form a body of ice, so he can freely control its size. He utilizes ice to block off the stairs to the 9th floor and to make vicious physical attacks against the Saints. In addition, his real body is very fast, faster than all of the Saints facing him, but his real body's defense is rather lacking compared to both the Flame Tyrant and Lachapelle. Thus, it can be said that he is a glass cannon: he is proficient at attacking, but his defense is not so good. While he can make up for this by using a body of ice to take some blows, the defense is still not as terrifying as other Saint-level monsters.

References Edit

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