Bloodviolet Sword
Vital statistics
Type Flexible Sword
Effects Hymn of the Wind
Source Foggy Valley
Bloodviolet Seven Star Fiend (Former User)
Cost to buy -
Cost to sell -

It is a highgod artifact flexible sword that was used by the seven star fiend of the Infernal Realm, Bloodviolet. Bloodviolet and many others once descended from the Higher Planes onto the Yulan Plane in order to participate in the Necropolis of the Gods, hoping to get their hands on Sovereign Artifacts and Sparks. After his death, his weapon, also called Bloodviolet, was used by Beirut to strengthen the seal of the Gebados Planar Prison[1]. Linley Baruch later found it in the Foggy Valley while escaping and took it for himself.

The sword is able to bend but can also be made steady when inserting energy into it. It contains an enormous baleful aura.

References Edit

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