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He has the appearance of a young man. He had a head of long black hair, but his eyebrows were crimson red[1].

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Bluefire is very caring and protective towards his brothers. When Sadista threatened to kill his brothers, he in turn killed Sadista in a flash. He is also on very friendly terms with both Beirut and Linley.

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Zarachias Leylin, also known as Bluefire, was one of the 5 kings of the Gebados Planar Prison. When Olivier accidentally weakened the magic formation underneath the Great Botha Levee, Zarachias managed to escape together with hundreds of other experts and took residence in the Yulan Plane.

When Linley and Bebe came to meet him at Mount Copper Gong, he happily accepted them and gave Linley some guidance on his cultivation. Under his guidance, Linley managed to breakthrough in the Profound Laws of Earth and acquired his second Divine Clone[2].

After having been threatened by Sadista, Leylin instantly killed the fellow Highgod, obtaining two Highgod Divine Sparks as well as Sadista's other possessions[3].

It is later revealed that Bluefire had reached to rank of Lesser Sovereign of Fire when he came to help Bebe, Beirut and Linley in the Chaotic Space[4].

When Beirut and Bluefire took Linley and Bebe to the eighteenth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods, it was revealed that the four corpses of the Four Divine Beast had been stored there by Beirut, in which he had allowed Bluefire to fuse with the fire Lesser Sovereign spark from the Sovereign Vermilion Bird.[5]

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