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Borte is a Lower Sovereign of Fire. He allied himself with the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff. He is killed by Linley for his Fire Sovereign spark during Linley's battle with Orloff.

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Borte dresses in a fiery long robe and has long fiery red hair. (The repetition is from WuxiaWorld)

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He first appears in Book 21 chapter 32, when he and the Earth Sovereign Manlu try to ask Linley to give Bresle up as an Emissary. He is jealous of Linley's sudden rise to prominence and power and thus dislikes him immensely. In the second last chapter of the entire story, Linley kills him for his Sovereign spark due to Linley needing one to fight Orloff. Borte was picked as Linley felt the most antipathy towards him.

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