The Infernal Realm has 108 Asuras, and Purgatory also has 108 Commanders. The Asuras in the Infernal Realm all control a prefecture, while the Purgatory Commanders command an army[1]. However, comparatively speaking, the 108 Asuras of the Infernal Realm have it easier. They control an entire prefecture, and don’t face too many challenges. But Purgatory Commanders are different. Battles and slaughters are commonplace.

Purgatory is a very special place in the Infernal Realm. In that place, experts are as common as the clouds. Many retired Asuras, reclusive experts, and others will enter Purgatory…in that place, there are simply too many experts[2].

A person who becomes a Purgatory Commander does so to participate in the Planar Wars. In addition, Purgatory Commanders often change. No one knows who is currently a Commander[3].

Seven Divine Planes, Four Higher Realms. Between them, there is an extremely rowdy event that will occur every trillion years. The Planar Wars[4].

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