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She is slightly shorter than Olivier, standing roughly up to his eyebrows. She has straight, shoulder-length hair which is of a deep jade color, almost black.

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Diana was originally married to Bonin but left him after seeing him engaging in affairs with many other women.

She then met Olivier and both of them fell in love with each other. They went into seclusion together. Not long after, she gave birth to both her and Olivier's children, Deia and Leya.

After Bonin found out about this, he hunted them down and ultimately managed to kill Leya in a trap[1]. Olivier and Deia managed to escape and fled to the Skyrite Mountains seeking Linley's help, while Diana was forcefully taken back by Bonin.

After Olivier managed to enact revenge on Bonin with Linley's help, Diana went with them to visit Leya's grave for the first time[2]. Afterwards, she continued to stay with Olivier.

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