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Divine Artifacts are objects that have been used by Deities for thousands of years. They are often bound with blood to their new user.

When a Deity uses a tool for centuries, gives it spiritual energy, and "cherishes" it, it becomes a Divine Artifact. But the amount of energy he can put into the Artifact depends of his level of power : a Demigod can not produce a Highgod Artifact.

There exist four kinds of artifacts : Demigod Artifacts, God Artifacts, Highgod Artifacts, Sovereign Artifacts. (Overgod Artifacts also exist, but they cannot be obtained via normal means)

They are extremely hard to break, for someone of the same level, and extremely valuable on material planes.

In the Infernal Realm, Demigod Artifacts cost approximately 10 inkstones, God Artifacts 1000 inkstones and Highgod Artifacts around 1 million inkstones[1].

Known Artifacts Edit

Demigod Artifacts Edit

God Artifacts Edit

Highgod Artifacts Edit

  • The bloodviolet Sword : The Peak Seven Star Fiend Bloodviolet's sword. It is flexible, and contains an extremely powerful baleful aura.
  • Spear of Cortez’ [Ge’te’si] : One of the first Highgod Artifacts we see. Barnas' weapon until he is killed. Later it is obtained by Linley and given to Delia[2].

Sovereign Artifacts Edit

  • The Azure Dragon Ring : One of the two soul-protecting Sovereign Artifacts created by the Azure Dragon. The Artifact was damaged in battle with another Sovereign. The ring is found and used by Doehring Cowart then by Linley Baruch 5000 years later.(Later Linley finishes repairing it)
  • The 2nd Azure Dragon Ring : A soul protecting sovereign Artifact, used by Patriarch Gislason Redding, unlike Linley's Azure Dragon Ring Gislason's is undamaged.
  • The black staff : Beirut's Sovereign Artifact.
  • Red awl : Phusro's new weapon
  • Full body Armor : The Azure Dragon's inheritance. Gaia's armor
  • Bebe's Soul protecting Artifact : It was originally a soul protecting artifact for Beirut from the Bloodridge Sovereign, however he gifted it to Bebe when he went to adventure in the divine planes.
  • The bloodviolet Sword: This former Highgod Artifct turned into a Sovereign Artifact after his current wielder, Linley, attained the rank of Sovereign.

Overgod Artifacts Edit

  • Life Overgod Sword : Linley's sword he got from the Life Overgod after completing the 7th Overgod Mission.
  • Soul Protecting Overgod Artifact : Belongs to Orloff.(destroyed)
  • Fate Overgod Sword : Belongs to Orloff, he had his clone Augusta using it until he was killed.(destroyed)
  • Defensive Overgod Artifact : Belongs to Orloff, its normal apperance is of Orloff Gardens.(destroyed)
  • Destruction Overgod Longspear: Wodred

References Edit

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