Dixie Leon is the older brother of Delia Leon, a genius dual element Magus and apprentince of the High Priest.

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Akin to members of the Leon family, Dixie has a small, narrow face framed neatly by straight, short-golden hair. His physical physique is slender. His face is distinguished by a blue mark that goes across his left-side of his face from the forehead to the cheeks.

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Dixie is the talented 15 year old brother of Delia Leon who has the reputation of being Ernst Institute's most talented, mentally resilient and prominent student. He appears gifted with electric elemental magic and uses a staff as his weapon of choice. He has competent battling ability, which is shown by him easily deflecting arrows directed at him in close range by a Level 6 Magician while simultaneously channeling the electrical energy back at the enemy.

After Linley and his group returns form the Infernal Realm, they learn form Reynolds that Dixie was killed during the purge issued by Odin[1].

Since he managed to become a deity on his own in the Netherworld, he also regained his former memories. However, he was too weak to leave for the Yulan Plane on his own. After Linley fulfilled the conditions set by the Chief Sovereign of Death, Dixie was aided in reuniting with Linley[2].

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