He looks to be an elderly man. (Novel)

In the Manhua, Doehring Cowart is represented by a young woman called Delin Cowart.


He seems to have a somewhat superior view of others but is also very caring.


5000 years ago he battled against a Saint-level fire magus named Hamelin only to be ambushed by another Saint-level warrior. Escaped death by sealing his soul in the Worldring (Coiling Dragon Ring). He is also the master of Linley Baruch through the element of Earth and the master teacher of Stone Chisel School. Doehring was a Saint-level Grand magus that trained in the ways of the earth.

He first appeared, after Linley accidentally bound himself to the Coiling Dragon Ring by getting his blood on the ring after an accident. Cowart appeared before him later the same day, in Linley's room. Then he promised to teach Linley the path of an Earth Element Magus, and their relationship began.[1]

He sacrificed himself by using his own spiritual energy to cast a weakened version of Heavenly Meteor's Decent in order to save Linley from the fatal attacks of six special Executors from the Radiant Church[2].


In the Manhua, Doehring Cowart appears as a woman and named Delin Cowart. 


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