Dunnnington is Highgod Paragon and friend of Beirut.

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The legendary ‘Dunnington’ of the Chaotic Sea is the number one expert of the Chaotic Sea, aside from the Sovereign that governs it. He primarily trains in the Edicts of Death and is capable of hypnotizing even Highgods with innate soul defences so that they would speak the truth[1]. He is also one of the closest friends of Lord Prefect Beirut.

In the Infernal Realm, he was a legendary figure on the same level as Beirut, or perhaps who had even surpassed Beirut. He had the most impressive accomplishments with regards to the soul of all non-Sovereigns in the Infernal Realm[2].

When Linley was betrayed, Dunnington helped the Redding Clan solve the mystery by hypnotizing the perpetrator, Forhan, and letting him confess his deeds.

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It is speculated that he has already reached the pinnacle of the Edicts of Death, becoming a Paragon.

References Edit

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