Dylin is Suanni Lion who was imprisoned by Beirut over 5000 years alongside his sons.

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Dylin is a deity level Heaven Devouring Beast who was imprisoned by Beirut over 5000 years before Linley's birth due to angering him by using his innate ability to obtain Divine Sparks for his sons.

He was later unknowingly freed by Linley after he broke a magical formation to obtained the Bloodviolet sword from within the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. He once had 5 sons, 2 died in the Gebados Planar Prison and 1 died in the Necropolis of the Gods on the 11th floor with only 2 remaining alive.

On January 1st, year 10,000 of the Yulan Calendar, he led the event which would later come to be known as Apocalypse Day. Together with ten Saint level magical beasts, he sieged the Holy Capital of the Holy Union, Fenlai City of the Kingdom of Fenlai. Due to him being a deity, as well as overwhelming numbers, they easily won.

After the Necropolis of the Gods event, he asked Linley for a divine spark for one of his children and received the Divine Spark of destruction (demi-god) on the condition that he would assist him in wherever he needed help.

After the events of the descent of Deities in the Yulan Plane, he, alongside O'Brien, Tarosse and Cesar decide to travel to the Higher Planes, specifically, the Infernal Realm[1].

After having been freed from the Soulseed of Mosi Bagshaw, he and Tarosse joined Linley's group in their venture towards the Bloodridge Continent[2].

While taking up residence in Meer City, Dylin has gotten married to Kamina[3].

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The one responsible for Linley escaping from the Radiant Church.

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