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He is a rather skinny man, although he stands ramrod straight. He has short, blue hair, and he possesses a valiant aura.

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He is one of the prime saints in the Yulan Continent. He is the 1st disciple of War God.

He and Linley first met, when Linley was invited to the War God's College, by the War God himself. After they met, Fain proceeded to tell Linley some secrets of the Yulan Plain, and then sparred with him, showing Linley his true power. [1]

He went into the Necropolis of the Gods together with Linley in the Southern Sea. On the 9th floor of the Necropolis, after the Thorium Devil failed in seducing Linley and his party, it was slain by Fain and his Pearl of Life was seized[2].

He is the sole survivor of the people present at War God mountain when Adkins attacked the War God College[3].

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