Flame Tyrant a high-peak Saint level monster and leader of the Magma Demons.

Summary Edit

The Flame Tyrant is a high-peak Saint level monster who leads thousands of Magma Demons. It is suggested that he is their father. He is encountered on the 6th floor of the Necropolis of the Gods in the Southern Sea. He manages to kill several Saints (including Clay and Hayward[1]), but is killed by Linley in the end.

Appearance Edit

The Flame Tyrant is hundreds of meters tall and his body is composed of countless tough lava boulders. He is a like a gigantic Magma Demon and he is surrounded by fire.

Abilities Edit

He has immense strength, capable of smashing a mountain in one punch. His defense is also terrifying and it is extremely difficult to damage him. He is capable of resisting even the water forbidden-level spell 'Absolute Zero' even though he is a fire-type creature and as long as his core is not destroyed, he can reform his body instantly, making him a very difficult opponent to face[2]. He can also change his size at will. He is able to fight several high-peak level human and magical beast Saints at the same time, even overpowering and killing some of them before he is killed by Linley.

Equipment Edit

Bloodlust Greataxe - an dark-red greataxe with Destruction type power[3]. It is a divine artifact (rank unknown, but likely demigod). Its user can enter a bloodlusted state, during which spiritual attacks are ineffective[4]. After his death, the Bloodlust Greataxe is given to Linley as a reward by his companions.

References Edit

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