Four Divine Beast Clan is one the oldest and strongest clans in the Coiling Dragon Universe.

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A clan created by the joining of forces of four clans, respectively, the clans of the four Supreme Divine Beasts, the Azure Dragon, the Vermilion Bird, the White Tiger and the Black Tortoise. It is led by the Azure Dragon clan, also known as the Redding Clan.The ancestor of the Azure Dragon clan was a water-type Lesser Sovereign. The ancestor of the White Tiger clan was a wind-type Lesser Sovereign, while the ancestor of the Vermilion Bird clan was a fire-type Lesser Sovereign. As for the Black Tortoise clan’s ancestor, that was an earth-type Lesser Sovereign[1].

History Edit

The Four Divine Beast Clan, created by the joined forces of the four Sovereign ancestors and their descendants, in its prime spread throughout all the Higher and Divine Planes and some Material Planes. It housed several Sovereign Emissaries that worked for the Sovereigns. It was considered to be the greatest clan in the universe, with only the Augusta Clan of the Divine Light Plane being their match[2].After the death of the four Sovereigns that protected the clans, the clan was persecuted by Eight Great Clans which they had humiliated, leading to being chased from most Higher and Divine Planes and being forced to regroup in the the Infernal Realm, as well as the abandonment by the Sovereign Emissaries of their ancestors.As they were at the protection and mercy of Lord Beirut, the clan was ordered to take residence in the Skyrite Mountains.

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Once spread throughout the Higher Planes, the Four Divine Beast Clan has been forced by their enemies to flee and regroup in their headquarters in the Skyrite Mountains of the Indigo Prefecture of the Infernal Realm.

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