One of Linley’s three dorm mates at the Ernst Institute. A year older than Linley. George originates from the Yulan Empire.




At first George shared his dorm at the Ernst Institute only with Reynolds Dunstan, but after passing their entrance tests, both Yale and Linley moved in.

After leaving the Ernst Institute, George went back to the Yulan Empire.

After Linley returns form the Infernal Realm, he learns that George was killed during the purge issued by Odin[1].

Since he managed to become a deity on his own in the Netherworld, he also regained his former memories. However, he was too weak to leave for the Yulan Plane on his own. After Linley fulfilled the conditions set by the Chief Sovereign of Death, George was aided in reuniting with Linley[2].


George is nicknamed "Second Bro"

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