Godspark Weapons are the toughest weapons ever created. Indeed, even Sovereign Artifacts have to be used and taken care of for countless years before becoming Sovereign Artifacts.

Divine Sparks are supposed to be unbreakable. But there are two people who can break, shatter, eat, absorb, digest, or forge them: Bebe, and Beirut. Beirut has created many over the countless years while Bebe's first Godspark weapon was a longstaff, created in order to hide Linley's two Overgod Talisman within it.

To create one, both Bebe and Beirut have to eat a lot of Divine Sparks (generally Highgod Sparks), during dozen of years, and forge a weapon. Beirut often eats Divine Sparks according to the affinities of his customer. Indeed, for Bebe, he has only eaten Darkness-Type Highgod Divine Sparks. For Linley, Beirut has eaten Fire-Water-Earth-Wind-Type Highgod Divine Sparks to create Mirage, as it would yield a better result[1].

These weapons are extremely rare, and are way better than Highgod Artifacts. Their toughness is comparable Sovereign Artifacts.

References Edit

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