An area outside of the cosmos filled with foggy gray energy called Grandmist spirit-energy, its the current residence and "parent" of Hongmeng[1]. Anyone whos name is on the Golden Grandmist Banner will be a controller of the Grandmist Region.

Trivia Edit

  • Linley was the very first person to reach the Hongmeng Grandmist in a thousand grand kalpas.(one grand kalpas is equivalent to six quintillion years).
  • The Hongmeng Grandmist is often referred to as the Grandmist region or Grandsmist space.
  • Qin Yu of Stellar Transformations was the second person to enter the Hongmeng Grandmist roughly two grand kalpas after Linley created the Linmeng Cosmos.


  1. Book 21, Chapter 44
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