Ina is Bebe’s and Nisse's daughter and great granddaughter of Beirut.

 Appearance Edit

Her eyes resemble her father's.Ina has the appearance of a young woman with black hair, and her skin appeared crystalline, like jade[1].

Personality Edit

According to Linley, she is much more patient than her father, Bebe.

History Edit

Ina, Bebe's and Nisse's daughter, was born in the Skyrite Mountains located in the Infernal Realm.Although Ina had the lineage of a divine beast, she wasn’t a divine beast, after all. As for Beirut, he did not yet have a method which would have the effect of the ‘Ancestral Baptism’. For this reason, it will be very hard for Ina to even become a Deity. This was why, despite having trained for over a century, Ina was just a Saint.She was brought to the Yulan Plane by Bebe, Linley and Delia, together with Nisse and Wade[2].

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References Edit

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