Appearance[edit | edit source]

Brown hair, same as Linley’s, with six pairs of pristine, pure white wings.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The mother of Linley and Wharton, wife to Hogg. Supposedly, she died during childbirth, but Hogg, Hillman, and Housekeeper Hiri know the truth that she was kidnapped on the night after giving birth to Wharton.

Later, when Linley meets with Patterson in secret, the latter reaveals that he abducted Lina on the order of King Clayde who gifted her to the Radiant Church to gain their favor.[2]

The Radiant Church in turn offered her to the Radiant Sovereign bacause of her pure soul.

After she was sacrificed by the Radiant Church, she was reincarnated at the Divine Light Plane (as a 12 winged angel) and consequently controlled by the Chief of Sovereign Light Augusta.

After Linley managed to kill Augusta, she was released from being controlled and was able to regain her former memories.

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