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Linley is a tall handsome man with long brown hair and light brown eyes.


Linley is an extremely focused individual always striving to improve himself and one day become the greatest. This has proven again and again to be his strongest trait when even as a Highgod he still chooses to meditate and train over spending his time with his friends and family. However, let it be known Linley loves his family and friends above all else. In fact, his love far exceeds his ambition as he was willing to sacrifice his strongest and most powerful Divine Clones for the chance to revive his family[1].


Born on 1st of January, year 9982 of the Yulan calendar.

Linley Baruch was born on the Yulan Plane to the declining Baruch Clan. As a youth his father teaches him the history of their Dragonblood Clan and obtains the Coiling Dragon Ring which had the spirit of Doehring Cowart.

Doehring Cowart teaches him earth element spells and the single chisel sculpting technique which would enhance his development rate. Linley attended the Ernst Institute and while in school he would meet his future wife Delia. At the time Linley was not involved with Delia and instead formed a relationship with a girl named Alice who attended a different institute.

Linley fights against six Four-Winged Angels and Osenno, killing the Angels and forcing Osenno to flee. Three days later Linley formed the Baruch Duchy he then asks Delia to marry him.[2][3]

After having entered the Necropolis of the Gods and clearing the eleventh floor all by himself, Linley managed to acquire three Divine Sparks as well as a multitude of Divine Artifacts and weapons[4].

After having trained for another five and a half years, Linley finally managed to reach the Deity level and produced a Wind-style Demigod Divine Spark. He then allowed a Divine Clone to be formed outside of his body instead of fusing with the Spark himself[5]. This clone can then merge with his original body and enter his soulspace. There were now both his sword-shaped soul and his Divine Clone, dressed in a light green robe, floating inside his soulspace. His clone had a divine body, whereas he himself stil had a comparatively weaker body.

While he was training at Mount Copper Gong under the guidance of Leylin, he finally had a breakthrough in the Profound Laws of Earth and produced a Earth-style Demigod Divine Spark. He then decided he wanted to continue train in other Profound Laws and let the Earth-style Demigod Divine Spark create his second Divine Clone[6].

In the year 10092 of the Yulan calendar, during late autumn, Linley, Delia and Bebe headed for the Higher Planes, specifically the Infernal Realm, leaving the Yulan Plane behind[7].

Once they arrived at the Infernal Realm, they were transported to the Nightblaze Prefecture of the Redbud Continent. After training for a while, Linley managed to breakthrough with his Earth Divine Clone to the Full God level[8].

After the escort mission failed, Linley, Delia and Bebe decided to stay in the mountain range where the mission was halted and trained. After a year of training, Linley finally managed to breakthrough in the Profound Laws of Fire and created his Fire Divine Clone[9].

Once arrived at the Indigo Prefecture of the Bloodridge Continent, Linley and his group instantly made their way towards the Skyrite Mountains, the last residence of the Four Divine Beast Clan, the roots of Linley's Baruch Clan[10].

After his centuries long journey, Linley was finally able to meet his Baruch Clan's Ancestor's at the outermost border of the Skyrite Mountains[11]. After having trained for another sixty years while living at the Yulan Branch of the Redding Clan, Linley finally was able to make his Divine Fire Clone attain the level of a full God[12].

After completing the Ancestral Baptism of the Redding Clan, Linley instantly attained a Water-style Demigod Divine Clone as well as the innate ability Dragon Roar[13].

After displaying his power to be on par with a Seven Star Fiend, Linley was granted the rank of Elder by the Patriarch of the Redding Clan. Linley became the youngest and the 36th Elder of the Assembly of Elders[14].

A few decades after return from Bloodbath Gorge, Linley managed to breakthrough the Full God level with his Divine Water Clone, resulting in him now having 4 DIvine Clones all on the Full God level[15].

While he and Delia were on a trip in Meer City, Delia told him that she was pregnant, to which Linley decided to remain there for some time. Inside that city, their third child and second son, Wade Baruch, was born[16].

At the time when a Sovereign of Destruction intervened and stopped the war between the Four Divine Beast Clan and the Eight Great Clans, Linley suddenly made a breakthrough and became an Earth Highgod, much to the suprise of everyone present, even the almighty Sovereign[17].

A hundred years after Linley had become an Earth Highgod, Beirut fulfilled his promise and gave Linley the finished Godspark sword, Mirage[18].

After having been in the Infernal Realm for over 2000 years, Linley and his group finally returned to the Yulan Plane[19].

After learning from Beirut that there is a chance of returning the death whose soul wasn't destroyed by going to the Netherworld, Linley and Bebe set off on their way to the Nether Realm[20]. While watching a fight at the bottom of the Abyssal Mountain in the Netherworld, Linley suddenly gained an insight into the Profound Laws of Water and became a Water Highgod[21].

He was given the option of participating in the Planar Wars and kill opposing commanders. in doing so, the Chief Sovereign of Death would grant him his wish of returning his loved ones back to the world of the living[22].

After he defeated the previous Redcliff Lord, one of the Lords of Tartarus, Linley was bestowed upon the title of Redcliff Lord and Lord of Tartarus, a title equalling Commanders of Purgatory and Lord Prefects[23]. During his participation at the Planar Wars, Linley's Wind Divine Clone managed to breakthrough to the Highgod level, resulting in Linley having 3 Highgod Divine Clones[24].

After he suffered from the mighty soul attack from the Paragon, Linley had been in a coma for 34 years. After he awakened, his soul had successfully mutated, turning Linley in the first ever 4-way Soul Mutate in the Coiling Dragon Universe. Roughly ten years after his re-awakening and turning into a 4-way Soul Mutate, Linley managed to completely repair the Coiling Dragon Ring[25].

After several more centuries of training, Linley finally broke through with his Fire Clone and became Fire Highgod as well, now having a total of 4 Highgod Clones[26].

After having collected two out of three Overgod talismans needed for the Overgod mission, Linley chased after the final talisman which was hidden in the Okerlund Plane. In the end, he managed to force Clementine to hand over the Red Caltrop Diamond[27]. With this, he summoned the Overgod of Life and completed the Overgod mission, obtaining an Overgod Artifact, the Life Overgod Sword[28].

After this, Beirut and Bluefire let Linley and Bebe towards the Necropolis of the Gods in the South Sea. Once they entered straight into the 18th floor, Beirut uncovered the secret behind the Necropolis of the Gods. Afterwards, Beirut gave Linley a Water and an Earth style Sovereign Spark. After fusing with them, Linley had become the first fusion Sovereign since the creation of the universe[29].

Linley then spent 5000 years in creating the first ever fusion-Sovereign Divine Plane[30]. After Linley enacted his revenge upon Teresia and fused with his Lesser Wind Sovereign Spark, Linley's power again had a tremendous increase as he now was in possesion of three Lesser Sovereign Clones[31].

Linley was later tricked by Augusta telling him he would free his mother in exchange for the blood essence of the Four Divine Beast Sovereigns. Later, when Wodred explained to him that Augusta hadn't actually freed his mother, as a means of thanking him for his contribution in the Planar Wars, he went off to the Divine Light Plane to finish Augusta off[32].

Linley Confronts Augusta and they have a heated battle then when Augusta uses the fused divine ability of the Four Divine Beasts Linley along with the other Sovereigns present find out that August and Orloff are the same person[33].

Orloff, enraged by Augusta's demise, charges after Linley and reveals that he, in fact, is in possession of three Overgod Artifacts. Linley is desperately trying to flee but gets cornered by the peak High Sovereign of Fate. In his despair, Linley reaches out to one of the spectating Lesser Fire Sovereigns, Borte, and takes his Sovereign Spark after killing him in one hit. After fusing, he suddenly finds an immeasurable power surging within him and witnesses his four Lesser Sovereign Clones merge with his original body.[34]

Linley with this new found power kills Orloff with his most powerful attack "Sword Intent", which ends up breaking through the bindings of the universe transporting Linley to a region outside of the cosmos called Hongmeng Grandmist, where Linley then meets Hongmeng.[35]


He became a Dragonblood warrior (one of the four divine beast clans) by drinking the blood of an Armored razorback Wyrm (a type of dragon).

It is later revealed that the secret pocket dimension inside of the magicite mine actually belonged to Beirut[36].

He created the Universe of the sequel to Coiling Dragon, Stellar Transformations.

Timeline (Spoilers)

Linley’s level progression/age at the end of each book:

Book Linley's age and level
Book 1 Beginner Warrior/Magus
Book 2 Warrior level 4, Magus level 5
Book 3 15 years old, Warrior level 4, Magus level 6
Book 4 16 years old, Warrior level 6 (dragon form early level 8), Magus level 7
Book 5 17 years old, Warrior level 6 (dragon form early level 8), Magus level 7
Book 6 17 years old, Warrior level 7 (dragon form early level 9), Magus level 7
Book 7 17-18 years old, Warrior level 7 (dragon form early-mid level 9), Magus level 7
Book 8 18-26 years old, Warrior level 9 (dragon form early saint level), Magus level 8
Book 9 26-28 years old, Warrior level 9 (dragon form peak saint level), Magus level 9
Book 10 28-40 years old, Warrior early saint level (dragon form peak saint level), Magus level 9
Book 11 40-52 years old, Warrior/Dragonform ultimate saint level, Magus saint level
Book 12 52-62 years old, Wind Demigod, Saint
Book 13 62-110 years old, Earth Demigod, Wind Demigod, Saint
Book 14 110-143 years old, Earth God, Wind Demigod, Saint
Book 15 143-707 years old, Earth God, Wind God, Fire Demigod, Saint
Book 16 707-877 years old, Earth God, Wind God, Fire Demigod, Saint
Book 17 877-1,700~ years old, Earth High God, Wind God, Water God, Fire God, Saint
Book 18 ~1700-1,931~ years old, Earth High God, Wind God, Water High God, Fire God, Saint
Book 19 ~1931-2,871~ years old, Earth High God, Wind High God, Water High God, Fire God, Saint (+ 4 way Soul mutation)
Book 20 ~2871-3,000 years old, Earth High God, Wind High God, Water High God, Fire High God, Saint (+ 4 way Soul mutation)
Book 21 10,000 years old, Lower Earth Sovereign + Lower Wind Sovereign + Lower Water Sovereign + Lower Fire Sovereign, Saint = Fusion to Universe Creator