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Divine Artifact

Demigod Divine Artifact

God Divine Artifact

Highgod Divine Artifacts

Sovereign Artifact

Sovereign Weapon

Sovereign Armor

Sovereign Ring

Sovereign's Might

  • Sovereign's Might is made from a tiny fraction of Sovereign's spiritual energy which is so dense that it represents itself as a tiny droplet.
  • Every drop of sovereign might has their unique color/aura representing its element/edict.
  • It can boost the user physical & spiritual strength to an unimaginable degree and the user emanates the respective aura of the type of element/edict sovereign might belongs to unless one is a paragon/Sovereign.

Overgod Artifact

Overgod of Life Talismans

Overgod Artifact

Divine Sparks

11 Kinds of Divine Sparks : Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Darkness, Light, Fate, Destruction, Life, Death.

Demigod Spark

God Spark

Highgod Spark

Sovereign Spark

Spark Artifacts

Can be manufactured only by Beirut and Bebe, who is a Godeater Rat and can digest sparks. Divine Sparks, no matter if Demigod, god, Highgod or sovereign, are extremely hard and impossible to scratch, let alone melt and shape them.

Godspark weapons are weapons that are created from Divine sparks. They can only be made by Beirut, as divine sparks are impossible to forge and only Beirut is capable of extracting their essence through digesting them. Bebe can digest them, but he is unable to extract or refine their essence. They are very expensive and are very tough, capable of clashing with even Sovereign Artifacts. Their toughness is on par with Sovereign Artifacts, but otherwise they lose out in effectiveness. Thus, they are considered one level above Highgod Artifacts but one level below Sovereign Artifacts.

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