Magic formations are capable of many things, from casting illusions, to sealing things, to amplifying power and so on.

Summary Edit

Magic formations are exactly as their name implies. There are many kinds of formations: attack, defensive and teleportation. There is a way to train in formations, though hardly any Saints or Deities do so because it does not increase their personal power.

Types Edit

Attack formations Edit

Attack formations are usually those that amplify the power of a single or a group of Deities, allowing them to fight at a far greater level than they are usually able to do.

Examples include:

Defensive formations Edit

Defensive formations are usually those that cast a barrier or an illusion to protect or conceal whatever is inside.

Examples include:

Teleportation formations Edit

Teleportation formations are found in all planes and allow people to teleport from formation to formation. They were laid down by Hong Meng, the creator of the Cosmos.

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