A Godspark sword made by Beirut. Beirut promised that he would forge a Godspark weapon for Linley when he breaks through to the Highgod level. This weapon was forged in 100 years inside Beirut's stomach[1]. The materials used were Fire-Water-Earth and Wind Highgod Divine Sparks, in order to suit Linley the most.

This longsword was actually translucent. If one took a close look at the sword, one would see that a black energy was circulating inside of the sword[2].

This is the best weapon Beirut has ever forged. It has a blade with a length similar to the Bloodviolet sword. It is extremely sharp, even Linley's dragonformed body is cut when touching the blade (his body is as tough as a Highgod Divine Artifact). When moving at high speed, the sword seems to disappear. Even in his human form, when Linley uses the sword, it creates ripples at the tip of the sword (the space in the Higher Planes is extremely stable, only extremely strong combatants can create these ripples). This Godspark Sword is only second to Sovereign Artifacts in strength.

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