Mosi is the leader of the Bagshaw Clan and Sovereign Emissary of Starmist Sea Sovereign.

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Mosi is the leader of the Bagshaw Clan on the Miluo Island in the Starmist Sea. He currently resides within the secret castle underwater guarding the scryer recordings of the countless battles amongst many experts. He is also responsible for placing a Soulseed onto the various strong experts visiting him, assuring their eternal loyalty towards his Bagshaw Clan. He, after encountering Linley, decided to give Reisgem face by freeing Tarosse and Dylin from their Soulseed as well as letting Linley view the scryer recordings and sending him off in a kind manner[1][2].

In book 20 Mosi once more came back to see Linley at his place; he was very pleased to learn that Linley became a Paragon and praised him saying that he was only at a step from becoming a Paragon too. After that, he delivered the paper that Molde had given to his subordinate in order to make sovereign kill Linley.

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He is one of the strongest experts in the Infernal Realm, aside from the Sovereigns.

“Haha…” Mosi immediately began to laugh. “Kid. Forget about the Infernal Realm; even if you were to search the entire Four Higher Planes and the Seven Divine Planes, you would at most find ten who are superior to me in terms of the soul! However, although they are slightly superior to me, there’s no way they could possibly completely conceal their strength in front of me."[3]

References Edit

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