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Netherworld is one of the Four Higher Planes, personally created by the Overgod of Death


The Netherworld consist of one continent which is divided by two regions. It is said that it is bigger than the 5 continents of the Infernal Realm combined[1]. At the ends of the Netherworld was a vast, endless sea which was known as the Nether Sea. The Nether Sea was truly endless, and the Azurewave Island was deep within it[2].Tartarus was divided up into a total of eighty one territories. Although they were called territories, in actuality, they represented eighty one enormous islands. In the past, when the Overgod of Death had created the Netherworld, he had left behind this unusual region deep in the Nether Sea; Tartarus. These eighty one islands were all comparable in size and very close to each other. If one looked at a map of them, one would see that they were arranged into a round shape[3].After ordinary mortals die, their souls will enter the Netherworld and become undead. There’s no way for a Highgod to find the specific undead which a person’s spirit became. Only the seven Netherworld Sovereigns who rule the Netherworld can find them[4].As one of the four Higher Planes, the management structure of the Netherworld was quite similar to that of the Infernal Realm; the Netherworld had a total of eighty one prefectures.The vast continent of the Netherworld was filled with undead in the north, and thus it was known as the ‘Undead Realm’. The weak undead who lived there were at most Saint-level undead. Generally speaking, upon becoming Deities, the vast majority would fly to the south, entering the world of experts… the Netherworld.In the Netherworld, there was something that everyone knew – undead wouldn’t possess memories of their past lives. Only after they evolved and transformed into Deities would their souls be baptized by the natural Laws, and in that moment, the dusty memories of their past life would be restored to them as well[5].Netherstones are the main currency of the Netherworld.


Northbone Prefecture - Sayant is the Lord Prefect[6].

Abyssal Mountain - A very dangerous place and within it lay the residence of the Chief Sovereign of Death and a Sovereign of Life[7][8]. It is the greatest of the mountains of the Netherworld. It was more than a million meters tall, with a circumference of over ten thousand kilometers. The Abyssal Mountain was constantly surrounded by tri-colored fog clouds, which actually formed Heaven-Earth Chains around the entire mountain. The wall of fog was not to be touched, as any who touched it was almost guaranteed to perish[9]. It is also said to harbor the Abyssal Fruit.