She is a very cute, jade haired woman who usually wears her hair in two braided big tails. She is quite short (shorter than Bebe). She has adopted wearing a strawhat that Bebe gave her during the time they met, and still wore it until they were reunited.



Nisse and Bebe met for the first time during an escort mission issued for Fiends. Bebe was mesmerized by her and he stated it was 'love at first sights'. Six years into the mission, Bebe and Nisse had already started a relationship[1].

After she heard of Linley, Delia and Bebe's survival, she hurriedly left the Jadefloat Continent and went towards to Skyrite Mountains only to meet them again, after a thousand years apart, Bebe and Nisse were reunited[2]. Later, Nisse and Bebe somewhat hurriedly married within the Skyrite Mountains[3]. "Originally, Nisse and Bebe weren’t even planning a wedding, but… just a few months ago, Nisse suddenly discovered that she was pregnant. Bebe and Nisse were both stunned and they frantically discussed this matter, then they came to a decision… they had to get married right away."

She was brought to the Yulan Plane when Linley, Delia, Bebe and their kids went to the Yulan Plane[4].


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