"Vile King" Odin was one of five kings of Gebados Planar Prison and emperor of the Odin Empire.

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He is one of the five kings of Gebados Planar Prison. He took over the Yulan Continent except for the Baruch Empire which was protected by Beirut[1].

The first time Odin attacked, he struck at the imperial capital of the Yulan Empire. With just a flip of his hand… he destroyed half of the imperial capital. In addition, he had a group of subordinates, all of whom were Deities. He then issued an order that everyone within the imperial capital at or above the Saint level was to be killed. No one was to be spared![2]

When Linley returned from the Infernal Realm, he went to Odin to excert his revenge on behalf of the late Yale and George. Odin's Divine Wind Clone was defeated and subsequently humiliated to the point of commiting suicide, while his Divine Death Clone hid in the Netherworld[3]. until Yale killed him with Sovereigns Might.

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