Okerlund Plane[1] Edit

The Okerlund Plane. The size of this entire plane was comparable to the Yulan Plane.

However, 99% of the surface of the Yulan Plane was covered by water! The South Sea, in particular, took up a region that was a thousand or ten thousand times larger than the Yulan continent! But the Okerlund Plane was different. A large majority of the Okerlund Plane was covered by land.

Brodie fled to this Plane while in posession of the Red Caltrop Diamond.

Locations Edit

The Okerlund Plane consisted of two vast continents.

They were the Fogdeep continent and the Beastgod continent! These two large continents both had a circumference greater than a hundred million kilometers. Aside from these two continents, there was only the endless sea.

Fogdeep continent was governed by humans, while the Beastgod continent was ruled over by beastmen.

Within the Fogdeep continent. There was a terrifying forest that covered an area of more than ten million kilometers…Fogdeep Forest!

Fogdeep Forest had existed for countless years. Its age was completely unfathomable, and it was simply too vast, causing many who adventured deep within it to be unable to pass to the other side despite spending their entire lives attempting to do so. According to legend, within Fogdeep Forest, aside from many magical beasts, there were also many primordial races, such as elves, sprites, dwarves, mountain giants, and others.

Deep within Fogdeep Forest. Mount Wiesel was the number one mountain of the Fogdeep Forest, and was more than a hundred thousand kilometers tall.

Mount Wiesel’s peak had eleven enormous teleportation array. Aside from these teleportation arrays, there was also an ordinary boulder which had been shaped into an estate. The Planar Overseer of the Okerlund Plane lived here[2].

The Biers Mountains: located in the Fogdeep continent. The Biers Mountains were more than ten thousand kilometers long and hundreds of kilometers wide. They were like a sharp knife that just so happened to separate the Moulin Empire from the Bluemaple Empire. However, in the center of the Biers Mountains, there was an extremely deep gorge known as ‘Divine Punishment’. This gorge actually pierced through the entire Biers Mountains. The people of the two Empires could pass through to the other side through this gorge. The reason why this place was known as the ‘Divine Punishment Gorge’ was because, according to legend… two gods had battled here, and then, with one astonishing blade chop, carved a path through the entire mountain range, leaving behind this hundred-kilometers-long Divine Punishment Gorge[3].

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