Each of the Laws is composed of six mysteries except for wind which has nine.

By mastering one law an individual becomes a Demigod.

By mastering three laws (or fusing two laws) an individual becomes a God.

By mastering all of the laws in the element they become a Highgod.

It is possible to fuse the laws within one element. When all laws within one element are fused into one then the Highgod becomes a Paragon in that element.

When becoming a Paragon, supposedly all flaws that training in any of the Laws or Edicts brings about disappear, though this could be a misconception due to a Paragon's Will reinforcing all aspects of their attack, defense and speed. It is also possible to fuse Laws from different elements but that requires a Mutated Soul.

Known Paragons[1] Edit

Paragon of Fire Ballmer

Paragon of Wind Bayer

Paragon of Wind Teresia (Also Lesser Sovereign of Wind)[2]

Paragon of Fate Orloff (Chief Sovereign of Fate)

Paragon of Destruction Wodred (Chief Sovereign of Destruction)

Paragon of Lightning Nanessa

Paragon of Light Clementine

Paragon of Death Dunnington

Paragon of Fire Bluefire

Paragon of Earth - unnamed

Paragon of Water - Borhaus

Paragon of Life - unnamed

Paragon of Fate - Magnus

Trivia Edit

  • There are less Paragons than there are Sovereigns
  • Paragons are highly respected, even by Sovereigns as a Paragon is a sign of a peerless genius in the countless materials planes and higher planes

References Edit

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