The Radiant Church was one of the most influential organizations in the Yulan Continent. It was ultimately annihilated by Linley Baruch and his allies.

Location Edit

Prior to the Apocalypse Day, they are primarily situated inside the Holy Union, though they have established a foothold in the other regions like the Anarchic Lands and the O'Brien Empire.

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The Radiant Church is a branch organization of the mighty Augusta Clan from the Divine Light Plane. The Augusta Clan has the habit of establishing a branch organization in many of the Material Planes in order to let them proccure pure souls that, when offered to the Augusta Clan, will be able to become Angels.The Radiant Church is ultimately destroyed by Linley, seeking revenge for his mother being offered to the Augusta Clan[1]

Organization Edit

Being such a large organization, the Radiant Church has many branches with each their own region of operation.

The different branches consist of:

  • The Holy Emperor
  • Cardinals
  • Zealots
  • Ascetics
  • Ecclesiastical Tribunal with their Executors
  • Angels

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References Edit

  1. Book 12, Chapter 10
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