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He is an humanoïd who is really tall in his normal form(3 meter). When he goes into berserk mode, he is 10 meter tall with strange tattoos in shape of a sword.

He is bald with a strong musculature.

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He speaks only when necessary





History Edit

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Reihom Stonebreaker was the strongest of Emissaries of the Redbud Sovereign, Reisgem's mother. He belongs to the rare species of World Titans and managed to fuse 5 of the 6 Profound Laws of Earth, making him even more extraordinary.

During the Planar War, he accompanied Reisgem when they were out for a hunt. There they encountered Linley and Bebe in a dire situation and helped them out, resulting in them joining forces[1].

He fought against some members of the Augusta clan during the planar war and was injured by a Suanni Lion. After this fight he barely escaped with Reisgem while Linley tried to escape from Magus.

He with Bluefire, Bebe and Reisgem watched over Linley while he was in coma. After Linley awakening they headed over the other side of the river while waiting for the end of the plannar wars. After Linley wins against Magus, Reihom helped Reisgem to collect gold badge.

Both Reigem and Reihom returned to the Infernal plane after the planar war.

References Edit

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