One of Linley’s three dormmates at the Ernst Institute. One year younger than Linley. He hails from the O’Brien Empire’s Dunstan clan.


He has an average physique.


Reynolds has a joyfull character and is known to be a lady killer.


At first Reynolds shared his dorm at the Ernst Institute only with George Walsh, but after passing their entrance tests, both Yale and Linley moved in.

After leaving Ernst Institute, he returned to the O'Brien Empire.

During his time serving in the O'Brien Empires army, Reynolds managed to climb up to the rank of senior captain[1]. When his squad was ambushed by an army of the Rohault Empire. Reynold eventually managed to flee up till the walls of the city of Neil near the border of the O'Brien Empire. The head of the city of Neil was Prince Julin, the little brother of the ruling emperor of the O'Brien Empire. Prince Julin refused to open the city gates to led Reynolds get to safety out of fear for his own safety. Due to this unfortunate event, Reynolds presumably met his death in front of the safe haven called the city of Neil. It is later revealed that Reynolds somehow survived the lethal wound he was inflicted and was dragged away by the Rohault Empire's forces. He was then healed and sold as a slave by them as 7th rank magicians fetch a high price on the slave market[2]. While being transported on a slaveship he burns the ship and sets the other slaves free. Reynolds escapes as well. He flees and ultimately ends up in a remote village in the mountains inside the Anarchic Lands. There he falls in love with the daughter of the village Chief and decides to stay after having send notifications of his survival to family and friends. When Linley happens to visit the village, they are reunited and Reynold is allowed to officially meet the girl he fell in love with. After the forming of the Baruch Empire, Reynolds later moves into the Dragonblood Castle after the escape of many experts from the Gebados plane as to stay safe. Upon Linley's return 2000 years later, Reynolds was the only surviving bro among the 4 bros, informing Linley of the deaths of Yale and George. (Will update as the story progresses and I will gain more insight)


Reynolds is nicknamed "Fourth Bro"

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