Sovereign's Might is a liquid drop of the power of a Sovereign.

Sovereign’s Might was divided into types as well. Earth, fire, water, wind. Darkness, light, lightning, Life, Destruction, Death, Fate.

Although every single inkstone and azurite contains within it an extremely, extremely miniscule and almost negligible amount of Sovereign’s Might, when countless inkstones and azurites are put together and refined, in the end, a single drop of Sovereign’s Might can be forged!

A Sovereign's body is completely made up of Sovereign power, instead of Divine power together with spiritual power. The result of this is that Sovereign power is the same as spiritual energy. Because of this, one can rely on it to unleash material attacks, but also use it to unleash soul attacks. Naturally, you can also rely on it to block against soul attacks. Thus, Sovereign’s Might is capable of not just being a material energy source, it can also be used an energy source for the soul[1].

Sovereign’s Might in gaseous form would naturally dissipate. Therefore, it has to be refined into liquid form. A drop was the smallest stable amount. However, a single drop of Sovereign’s Might required the consumption of an astronomically large sum of inkstones and azurites. More importantly… it was extremely hard to refine Sovereign’s Might[2].

In the entire Infernal Realm, there are only very few experts capable of refining Sovereign’s Might. The immensely powerful, Lord Aiken has this ability.

Sovereign’s Might, to a Sovereign, was a commonplace thing. But a Sovereign Artifact is something which a Sovereign has to spend countless amounts of time, effort, and Sovereign power on to nurture and develop. The power of a Sovereign artifact vastly exceeded Sovereign’s Might[3].

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