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Undead race are beings that are born after alive beings die and they're soul enter the Netherworld.


Undead race were created from spirit's from all plane's be it Material Plane, Divine Plane or Higher Plane. After ordinary mortals or saint or God die, their souls will enter the Netherworld as Spirit and become undead, as long the soul isn't destroyed.Spirit would trasformed into the Undead after dying and being drawn into the Netherworld. If a Soul isn’t destroyed, then a person hasn’t truly died. Even if one is drawn into the Netherworld and becomes an undead, the soul will remain. They can regain their memories as well. If a Sovereign were to intervene, then it would be easy for the Undead to regain its former memories.

Varied Undead are divided into:

  • Netherblood spirit
  • Skeleton
  • Foul Zombies
  • Drifting
  • Translucent Wraiths
  • Grim
  • Forbidding Black Knights
  • Ancient Wight
  • Ancient Lich

all of which were separated into different levels.


All undeads are able to become saint level when they absorb enough souls.But after becoming Saint level they can only advance in diety level only if they have an understanding of the profound mysteries of the world.