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Timeline of Coiling Dragon universe. The calendar used is the Yulan calendar.

Note: Although a complete timeline is depicted here for reasons (like back-up etc.) look in the section "Timeline" for the most recently updated version! Also the version with the least errors!

Age Calendar Description
x  ? Infernal Realm is created by Overgod of Destruction. Netherworld Realm is created by Overgod of Death. Divine Earth Plane comes to be and the mountain that would be known as Hemmers is born.
Planar Battlefield is created by four Overgods together and it is connected to the Seven Divine Planes and Four Higher Realms. Used to reduce the number of experts and create new experts.
Roughly 10 quadrillion ago Yulan Plane begins to exist
Sovereigns appear after this age
7 Sovereigns of Destruction rule over the 5 continents (Redbud, Karol, Jadefloat, Bloodridge and Muja) and 2 seas (inner Starmist Sea and external Chaotic Sea) of Infernal Realm.
4 Overgods issue the order not allowing Sovereigns to enter Material Planes, they will be destroyed if they cause the collapse of that material plane.
Qingya is the name of continent in Yulan Plane
10 billion years ago Adkins is born
100 million years ago Beirut begins to live on the Yulan Plane, he became the Bloodridge Sovereign's emissary at an unknown time.
Qingya continent is shattered due to a great war and becomes 5 continents, one of them being the Yulan Continent.
Humans become the dominant species on the Yulan Continent
Roughly millions ago Three Violet-Gold Rat Kings are born, they are the children of Beirut
0 The Apocalypse War happens after the fall of 4 Divine Beasts Sovereigns, 4 continents in the Yulan Plane are destroyed
Necropolis of Gods is created in the Yulan Plane
4 Divine Beasts clans withdraw from all planes and return to Infernal Realm while fighting against 8 clans from across all planes (Reinales, Barbary, Boleyn, Dean, Edric, Venna, Ashcroft, Chanel)
Beirut, Lord Prefect of Indigo Prefecture in Infernal Realm, forbids the 8 clans from attacking Skyrite Mountains of 4 Divine Beast Clans
Fiend Bloodviolet and Twelve-Wings Angel descended to Yulan Plane for Necropolis of the Gods and participate in war
Beirut assume the control over the Yulan continent, Dylin is Demigod
Carolina, wife of Beirut leave Yulan and goes to Infernal Realm
~2000 Pouant Empire is founded
2980 Doehring Cowart is born.
3758 Grandmaster Stonesculptor Proulx is born
 ? Ernst is born. Ernst become Saint magus at fifty years. Become Holy Emperor of Radiant Church. Founder of Ernst Institute, the number one magus academy in the Yulan Continent.
 ? Cesar is born and he becomes early-stage Saint.
4280 Doehring is killed by Saint-level Grand Magus Hamelin and another Saint-level combatant. His soul flees into Coiling Dragon ring to avoid being tortured by Hamelin.
4560 Four Supreme Warriors appear in Yulan continent: Dragonblood Warrior, Violet Flame Warrior, Tiger-stripe warrior and Undying Warrior
Baruch battles against Black Dragon and Titanic Frost Wyrm and slays the both of them.
4579 Baruch battles against Nine-Headed Serpent Emperor and kills him. Found Baruch clan
4690 Ryan Baruch subdues a Saint-level Golden Dragon in Mountain Range of Magical Beasts and becomes known as “Golden Dragonrider Saint”
~5000 Pouant Empire ceases to exist. In its place, the Holy Union and the Dark Alliance appear.
5000 Theomacy, the War of Gods happen because of Necropolis of the Gods
Dylin and his children are imprisoned in the Gebados Prison Plane
O'Brien becomes Demigod after fusing with a fire divine spark
5360 Hazard Baruch is born
~5390 Hazard Baruch battles against saint-level Bloody-eyed Maned Lion and defeats it in the Mountain Range of Setting Sun
~6000 Fourth Dragonblood Warrior appears
~6500 Fifth Dragonblood Warrior appears
~6700 Fifth Dragonblood Warrior disappearsfrom Yulan (goes to Infernal Realm)
~9400 The “Slaughter”, weapon of first Dragonblood Warrior, is sold
0 Jan 1, 9982 Linley Baruch is born
4 Jan 3, 9986 Warthon is born, Lina (mother of Linley and Warthon) is abducted and is sacrificed to Radiant Church
6 9988 Linley begins to train in Wushan town with the other children by instructor captain Hillman
On second day of training, Linley is placed in the central squad of ten years old
June Linley learns the truth about Dragonblood Warrior clan. His blood is tested and fail to meet the requirement
8 9990 Linley find the Coiling Dragon ring.
Linley witness the battle between 8º rank dual element magus and his beast 7º rank Velocidragon against group of 7 people. See death for first time
Linley decide to become magus after witnessing the battle
In following day Bebe is born, saint warrior Dillon and saint magi Rudi battle for Bebe mother in Wushan town
Linley is hit by spell of Rudi after saving Warthon, Linley blood fall in ring, binding it. Saint earth magus Doehring Cowart appear from inside of ring.
Doehring test Linley for talent in earth magi. Linley find out he have high aptitude for earth. Doehring begin to instruct Linley in magus path
November Linley find Bebe. Doehring advice Linley to tame Bebe. Linley reach first rank of warrior and magus
December Linley and Bebe initiate the “Bond of Equals” before going to Fenlai city for magus test and recruitment
Linley take magus test. Exceptional affinity for earth and wind. Average affinity for fire. After this, Linley accept invitation to join Ernst Institute
Hogg give the book “Secret Dragonblood Training Tome” for Linley to learn all. He become aware of second method to rouse Dragonblood in veins
9 Feb 8, 9991 Linley meet Reynolds (8), George (10) and Yale (10) and they become bros of dormitory 1987 in academy.
Feb 10 First class in Ernst Institute begin. Linley meet Delia.
July Linley reach second rank in magus
December Yearly tournament is finished. Linley reach second rank in warrior and defeat Rand, the champion of first grade of tournament in restaurant.
Linley defeat Rand again with magic in arena. Rand pay ten thousands gold to Linley.
Doehring begin to instruct Linley to “Straight Chisel School” to increase spiritual essence when training in stone sculpting
10 Jan, 9992 Wharton goes to O'Brien Empire with housekeeper Hiri
11 9993 Magus third rank
13 9995 Magus fourth rank
14 July, 9996 Become magus fifth rank, warrior fourth rank
15 June 30, 9997 Linley become master sculptor by selling first 3 sculptures
June 5 Linley enter in Mountain Range of Magical Beasts to train
August 5 Linley finish his train in Mountain Range of Magical Beasts
16 Nov 22, 9998 Magus sixth rank (two and half year from previous rank)
Nov 29~Dec 9 Linley sculpt “Awakening From the Dream”, reach grandmaster status and reach seventh rank in magus
Dec 9~Jan 24 Linley enter in Mountain again to train
17 Jan 24, 9999 Linley enter in Foggy Valley, drinks Armored Razorback Wyrm blood and magicite and become Dragonblood Warrior
Jan 27 Linley wake up from his transformation and reach warrior sixth rank in human form, eight rank in Dragonblood form
Linley finds Violetblood sword
January Hogg dies
April Linley returns to civilization
April 21 Linley sells “Awakening From the Dream ” and recover heirloom warblade 'Slaughter'
June 18 Linley kills Duke Patterson, brother of king Clayde
October 10 Linley receive the poison recipe from Cesar, delivers statue to Cesar
November Linley become warrior seventh rank
December Linley tries to kill king Clayde and fails, get imprisoned
December 28 Heidens use Divine Boon in Linley and fails
18 Jan 1, 10000 Apocalypse Day happen, Linley escape from his prison and fails to kill Clayde again
January Bladeless is forged by using adamantine (1,41m and 3600 pounds)
Linley manage to kill Clayde, find out real responsible for his mother death, Doehring spirit goes to Netherland after helping Linley to escape death
Linley goes to Mountain to train with his adamantine sword and begin to sense the Throbbing Pulse of World
19 10001 Late seventh rank warrior
End of 10001 Linley reach eight rank magus
20 End of 10002 Reach peak seventh rank warrior
21 10003 Reach eight rank warrior, learns 'impose' technique, finally exits from Mountain in route to O'Brien empire
Execute Profound Truth of Earth technique “Throbbing Pulse of World” for first time by killing Lampson
Free Zassler from Radiant Church men
Master “Three Waves” from “Throbbing Pulse of World”
Linley battle against saint Stehle
Reach peak eight rank warrior
24 10006 Linley master “Hundred Waves” from “Throbbing Pulse of World”
25 10007 Linley test his “Hundred Layered Waves” against transformed saint Barker and defeat him
26 Nov, 10008 Linley kills angels from Radiant Church, after being wounded and recovering, reach ninth rank in warrior, saint when in dragonform
November Bebe attain saint level
December Linley spar with McKenzie and meet with his younger brother
26 Dec 30 Linley reach ninth rank magus one day before his birthday
27 Feb 4, 10009 Linley battle against Olivier after of Wharton battle against Blumer, Haydson interrupt the battle after of stalemate
April 15 Linley master 128 from “Throbbing Pulse of World” and learn Pulseguard Armor
May 1 Linley master Pulseguard Armor technique
May 4 Linley witness the battle between Haydson and Olivier. Haydson challenge Linley for battle in Aug 4
August 4 Olivier come back from coma after the battle against Haydson, Linley VS Haydson battle is one draw
Sep 15 Warthon marry Nina
September Linley goes to Anarchic Lands for skirmishes against Radiant Church
Linley conquer Blackdirt City in Anarchic Lands
Linley spar with Miller to gain more insights into Laws of Wind
28 Jan 5, 10010 Linley decide to invade other cities to expand and turn into Duchy
Jan 6 Conquer 4 cities
One city surrenders to Linley forces
Conquer 3 small cities and prefecture city of Moat
April 6 Linley, Bebe and Haeru battle against 6 Angels with Four Wings and win in Sherry city. Linley use 150 Layered Waves
Linley battle against Osenno, Osenno is forced to flee
April 16 Baruch Duchy is founded with 3 prefecture cities and 19 small cities.
May Take over 7 duchies to create Baruch Kingdom
Linley battle against Osenno and Lehman. Linley compromise with 20 years of truce with Radiant Church
July 21 Linley marry Delia, Delia receive one wedding gift wind divine spark and Baruch Kingdom is founded
 ? Cena, child of Wharton and Nina is born.
30 10012 Taylor and Sasha, twin children of Linley and Delia are born.
37 10019 Linley reach saint level warrior in human form.
40 April, 10022 Olivier challenges Haydson and kill him with one stroke
May Linley master 256 layers of Throbbing Pulse of the World
Linley battle against 3 saint-level dragons at same time (Tyrant Wyrm, Gold Dragon and Thunder Lizard) and tame them in Mountain Range of Setting Sun
Linley use the blood of 3 saint dragons to rouse Dragonblood in the veins of three children
June The largest magicite mine in the history of Yulan continent is discovered by Baruch Kingdom
July Radiant Church and Cult of Shadows join forces to take magicite mine
Radiant Church and Cult of Shadows begin the war against Baruch Kingdom
August Beirut summon all 4 deities from Forest of Darkness for the opening of Necropolis of the Gods
Linley finds the door of pocket dimensional in the center of magicite mine
Linley gain insight into making 256 layers to one single layer in 'Throbbing Pulse of World'
The battle between Baruch Kingdom vs. Radiant Church and Cult of shadows begin in Cod
Sept Ratmageddon Wave invade territories of Radiant Church and Cult of Shadows to unify Anarchic Lands
Linley's group battles against the groups of Heidens Radiant Church and Afflecks Cult of Shadows and manages to kill the majority of Saints of their sides.
Anarchic Lands is unified
Dec 28 Linley and Bebe find out the name of King of the Forest of Darkness and ruler of Yulan continent, Beirut
41 Jan 1, 10023 Baruch Kingdom change the name to Baruch Empire in Yulan festival
Linley manage to merge first two layers into one layer from 256 layers of Throbbing Pulse of World
Bebe kill Rudi and Dillon to avenge his parents death
42 March 2, 10024 Linley manage to turn 256 layers of waves into 128 fused layers.
Linley goes to War God Mountain in night for Necropolis of the Gods
March 3 Linley, 21 expert saints and deity O'Brien fly towards to Forest of Darkness
Linley meet other +80 human and magical beasts saints in Forest of Darkness
Linley find out about 3 different Necropolis of the Gods
March 4 5 deities and over 80 human and magical beast saints fly to South Sea to reach the local Necropolis of the Gods
Linley see the door for Necropolis of the Gods is similar to the door of pocket dimension
See the Necropolis of the Gods for first time. Linley notice the statues of 4 divine beasts.
Linley is informed about Necropolis having 18 layers, where first 11 layers are for saints while the rest is for deities
Linley enter in Necropolis. Can exit only 10 years later.
Linley find out about Necropolis of the Gods being one Sovereign game by talking with Fain
Linley encounter deity Ba-Serpent 'Tarosse' sleeping in third floor of Necropolis
Linley and Bebe reach fifth floor and find 5 Prime Saints, 3 Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions
44 10026 Delia reach Grand Magus Saint level
50 10032 Linley master 64 fused layers of the Throbbing Pulse of the World. Nearly close to reach the rank of Grand Magus Saint
In seventh floor, Linley master Profound Truths of Wind – Myriad Sword Converge
Linley obtain 'Pearl of Life' after killing Queen Mother Lachapalle
Linley group reach 10th floor and decide to rest for one year and half before going to eleventh floor
51 Aug, 10033 Linley finally reach the rank of Grand Magus Saint and his seven-colored soul gem evolve to sword shape, giving him potential to train in Edicts of Destruction
October Linley group goes to eleventh floor
Linley group except Linley manage to return to tenth floor after facing one million Abyssal Blade Demons
While fleeing for his life, Linley gain insight into 'Fast' and 'Slow” and fuse both to obtain Profound Truths of Velocity
Obtain 3 divine sparks (wind, earth and destruction), 10 deity artifacts and 10 thousand blades
Linley reach the Prime Saint level and return to tenth level to rest until 10 years are up
52 Jan, 10034 Arnold is born, child of Taylor and Jenny and grandson of Linley
Mar 4 Linley and others leave Necropolis of the Gods to return to Yulan continent
March Taylor and Sasha are 22 old years. Taylor is married with Jenny.
Taylor reached 8th rank warrior
Linley learn about Wharton giving up throne and Cena Baruch becoming the Emperor of Baruch Empire
Linley give earth divine spark to Barker for him to become Demigod
April 5 Linley sculpt one statue of “Doehring Cowart” and after this Linley is one of few saints invited to go to War God Mountain for deities reunion
April 6 War God, High Priest, Dylin and Cesar along with 4 saints, being Fain, Linley, Desri and Tulily are reunited
It's decided only O'Brien, Baruch and Yulan Empire will remain and declare war against the rest of nations
April 8 Linley order Cena which is 24 old years to attack Rohault Empire and great plains of east to incorporate them
Beirut goes to Dragonblood Castle and take Bebe with him to train him to become deity in Forest of Darkness
Linley group (25) fly to Sacred Isle, the base of Radiant Church and destroy it.
8 deities escape from Gebados Prison and various other peak saints escape from fissures
April 9 Linley and Delia enter in underground room to train to become deities
Deities enter in Necropolis of the Gods
June Yulan, O'Brien and Baruch Empire finally begin the war against other empires
Grand Warlock, the necromancer deity begin his move
57 10039 Hundred thousand deaths in night time in Bluelion city, with few dozen survivors. Same happen in other cities
Linley find out about various strange things happening in Yulan continent like deity 'Muba'
Find out about 9 saints serving to one deity who are killing people in cities
58 10040 Linley become wind Demigod and split his soul to train in other laws
Linley investigate Bloodviolet sword and Coiling after becoming Demigod
Linley goes out to battle against necromant Grand Warlock
Linley master 32 fused layers in three months after absorbing souls from Gold Pearl
Linley give wind divine spark to Haeru
Dec 29 Linley meet deity Muba and Muba explain about divine artifacts
60 March, 10042 Linley master 16 fused layers in one year and three months
61 Nov, 10043 'Dead cities' begin to appear in Rohault Empire
62 Jan 1, 10044 Refugees flee to Baruch Empire from Rohault Empire
Jan 16 Linley, Desri and Olivier meet with Beaumont in Great Botha Levee
Linley, Desri and Olivier battle against Beaumont, they kill him and accidentally free prisoners of Gebados plane
Beirut appear and seals the fissure of Great Botha Levee, the truth about Gebados Planar Prison is know
Highgod Adkins become ruler of O'Brien Empire after destroying 'War God' Mountain
Imperial Palace is destroyed, Kass, 7 old years, son of Cena and others are dead in hands of Ojwin
Baruch Empire is ruled by God Ojwin
God Oerph is ruler of Yulan Empire
Saint survivors in Yulan, O'Brien and Baruch Empire find refuge in Dragonblood Castle
January Linley, Desri and Olivier battle against Ojwin and his 4 deities group
Divine light clone Desri die. Kingsley, son of Ojwin is killed by Olivier. Linley kill one of black-robed man
Dylin and Tarosse interfere, Ojwin flee. Baruch Empire is recovered
Reynolds is arch magus of ninth rank
Ojwin ask Hanbritt to kill Olivier and fail to success because of Dylin and Tarosse
Same night, Ojwin infiltrate in Dragonblood Castle, Tarosse kill him and obtain fire divine spark
63 10045 Linley master 8 fused layers of Throbbing Pulse of the World
Bebe reach deity level
Linley learn about fusing laws and Paragons from Beirut
64 10046 Ojwin goes to Dragonblood Castle again with Barnas, Gatenby and Hanbritt to kill Olivier
Barnas clone is killed by Hart and Harvey. Ojwin group fail to kill Olivier again
Highgod Sadista Reinales and his group arrive in Yulan from Infernal Realm
69 10051 Linley master 4 fused layers of Throbbing Pulse of the World
81 10063 Linley master 2 fused layers of Throbbing Pulse of the World
84 10066 In bottleneck, decide to stroll in Yulan continent
Sadista and his group live in one small town in Rohault Empire and belong to Reinales clan
Linley and Bebe enter in Twin Horn Peak, Linley gain insight into sound waves of Laws of Wind
86 10068 Linley finally understand sound waves and music, fusing both into 'Profound Truths of Sound” of Laws of the Wind
Twin Horn Peak is destroyed after Linley utilize his new abilities, Linley and Bebe travel to Holy Union
Linley and Bebe meet Highgod Zarachias Leylin and his 2 God brothers Burgess in Mount Copper Gong
Linley learn about number of laws and begin to train in 'Essence of the Earth'
After of two months training in Mount Copper, Linley master “Throbbing Pulse of the World” and become Earth Demigod
Sadista order Anras to kill Linley. Get killed by Linley and his fire divine spark is seized
Sadista go to Mount Copper to kill two Gods, thinking they were the ones who killed Anras
Leylin kill Sadista. Adkins fly with Barnas to Mount Copper Gong
Linley learn about Leylin being Bluefire, the ruler of Gebados Prison
89 10071 Linley begin to fuse “Throbbing Pulse of the World” and “Essence of the Earth”
90 10072 Linley and Bebe return to Dragonblood Castle
Leylin create one new continent in south of Yulan Continent
Adkins fight against Beirut and it's killed. Adkins group fight over his divine sparks and Owjin is sole survivor
Owjin is killed by Linley
Tarosse, Dylin and his sons, O'Brien and Cesar decide to go to Infernal Plane. Catherine goes to Life Realm
Linley give Demigod and God fire divine spark to Wharton, God earth spark to Barker and God wind spark to Haeru
106 10088 Wharton reach Demigod level with fire divine spark
109 10091 Delia reach God level with wind divine spark
110 10092 Bebe reach God level after mastering “Essence of Darkness”
Linley, Delia and Bebe decide to go to Infernal Realm
After arriving to Infernal Realm in Redbud continent, Linley group join to Black Dragon Tribe
Black Dragon Tribe battle against Golden Wolf Tribe and Snow Tiger Tribe and win. Incorporate both tribes
111 10093 Linley group separate with Black Dragon Tribe and goes to Royalwing City
Linley buy one amethyst and find out the Coiling Dragon ring can refine and purify amethyst in Redbud Castle
Linley group begin to live in Royalwing City to take Fiend test
141 10123 Linley reach bottleneck in 'Essence of the Earth' while fusing
143 10125 Linley reach Full God level after fusing completely 'Essence of the Earth' with 'Throbbing Pulse of the World'
Linley combine Pulseguard Defense with Elemental Armor and create Pulseguard Armor which is more powerful than defensive God artifacts
Linley group take fiend test and manage to pass
Delia begin to fuse with wind Highgod divine spark
Linley group take one escort mission to Bluemaple City
153 10135 Linley reach bottleneck in Profound Truths of Velocity in the Elemental Laws of Wind
Inigo find out the location of metallic lifeform of Linley group where the Boyd wealth is hidden
Escort mission suffer attack, Learmonth and others defeat bandit group
154 10136 Inigo group attack escort mission again and fail
Linley complete “Profound Truths of Velocity” and reach Full God level in wind after watching the battle between Learmonth and Mr. Wind
Inigo tell all to Esquin and Esquin decide to pursuit the priceless treasure of Boyd clan, fail to get treasure
Esquin battle against Learmonth and die. Phusro is free from bond master-servant, Linley, Delia and Bebe hide in one mountain to train.
Linley begin to learn “Worldwalking”
170 10152 Linley reach Demigod level in fire after mastering 'Essence of the Fire'. Delia mastered 8 of 9 mysteries of wind
175 10157 Delia master last mystery and become Highgod
One month later, Linley group arrive in Amethyst Mountains, meet Olivier and get caught by Fog Wave
Linley group is imprisoned in Amethyst Mountains without possibility to exit and flee against Amethyst Beasts. Fog Wave day end
Linley begin to train Worldwalking
210 10192 George reach saint level in magus. Rebecca and her sister become Saint Necromants in Yulan plane.
225 10207 Linley begin to learn “Gravitational Space” and master Worldwalking. Linley use Worldwalking to explore mountain, get imprisoned in cave without exit
Linley learn from Reisgem about fusing Gravitational Space with Throbbing Pulse of the World to escape from black stone prison
255 10237 Linley give up in trying to begin fusing Gravitational Space with Throbbing Pulse of the World and try to fuse with Essence of the Earth in roundabout way
263 10245 Linley finally succeed in the beginning of fusing Gravitational Space with Essence of the Earth
271 10253 Roundabout method work and Linley begin to fuse Gravitational Space with Throbbing Pulse of the World
310 10292 Odin, one of five Kings of Gebados nicknamed "Vile King", his highgod son Chester and his brother Niemoller, escape from Gebados Prison from Yulan plane. Kill various saints and deities who don't join with him like George, Dixie and others.
Odin capture Yale and use Soulseed in him to control economy and order Yale to kill his own clan, including his son, wife and others. Odin let Yale regain freedom and his mind, after sealing Yale mageforce letting him go insane bound in one tree.
311 10293 The former O’Brien Empire, Yulan Empire, Rhine Empire, and Rohault Empire and the great plains of the far east have all been unified into the Odin Empire which is half of the entire Yulan continent.
The whole Dawson Conglomerate is replaced by Odin men. Yale is killed by Reynolds out of pity.
431 10413 Linley manage to fuse completely Gravitational Space and Throbbing Pulse of the World and try to figure out the “something special” Reisgem mentioned
707 10689 Linley gain insight into creating “repulsive force” of Gravitational Space with number 108, flat and sphere. Try to organize 108 rays of divine power.
Linley manage to create “repulsive force”, grab the black stone and bind it with blood and learn the mystery of black stone. Leave the cave.
727 10709 Linley test out the power of soul attack of gravitational space. After this, resume the fusion of Gravitation Space and Essence of the Earth
847 10829 Linley hit the bottleneck in fusing 3 laws. Create Blackstone Prison for first time. Linley group finally escape from Amethyst Mountains
Linley fuse completely 'Sound Waves' and 'Music', they become “Profound Truth of Sound” in Laws of the Wind and reach later stages of 'Essence of the Wind'
Linley learn 'Flamebody' in Laws of the Fire
855 10837 After leaving Amethyst Mountains, Linley group reach Bluemaple City, close of coast and they go to Starmist Sea to Nishan City from Bloodridge continent
856 10838 Linley group witness the Fogsea Storm and see one expert training in Laws of Lightning in the center of Fogsea Storm
857 10839 Linley group meet the expert Lomio Bornesen again close of Knifeblade island. Lomio kill the majority of bandits in Knifeblade island
Linley use Blackstone Prison for first time against bandits of Knifeblade island.
Linley break the bottleneck in fusing 3 laws of Earth. Linley battle against Ganmontin and defeat him with one hint of Destruction Edict
877 10859 Linley group arrive in Miluo island. Linley meet Tarosse, Cesar, Dylin and his two children.

Linley insults the young master of the Bagshaw clan. The young master sends 12 highgods to kill Linley, but Linley kills them easily. This makes the Bagshaw clan think that Linley is at least a six star fiend, maybe even a seven star fiend, since no one can sense his highgod aura since he is just a God.

Linley enter in Hendsey castle, gain insight into “Strength” from Laws of Earth and watch various battles in scryer recordings. Linley group leave the island.

900 10882 Linley group arrive in Bloodridge continent. Linley reach later stages of “Strength”. Bebe mastered 4 mysteries of Darkness and currently in fifth mystery
903 10885 Linley group arrive in Skyrite Mountains from Indigo Prefecture and meet his ancestors
963 10945 Linley reach Full God level in fire, reach bottleneck in “strength” in Earth
983 10965 Linley undergo Ancestral Baptism and become Demigod in Water with innate divine ability
Elder Emanuel recognises the Coiling Dragon Ring as the Azure Dragon Ring of the late Sovereign Ancestor of Azure Dragon Clan, and tries to take it from Linley but fails. Linley has a life-and-death duel with elder Emanuel, because of this, but it's interrupted by Patriarch Gislason. Linley become Elder after this.
Linley join Bloodbath Gorge and is captain of one squad of 10 people
985 10967 Linley goes out in his first mission and succeed in ambushing forces of 8 clans
987 10969 Delia, Bebe and others go to Meer city to visit. Delia and Bebe come back while the rest decide to live in Meer
Linley go in joint mission with elder Emanuel. Phusro appear and make Bulo flee. Emanuel lose his divine water clone after being attacked by Bulo
Linley retire from Bloodbath Gorge. 8 clans begin to attack wildly against 4 divine beast clans with Sovereign's Might.
1187 11169 Linley divine water clone master 3 mysteries and currently on fourth. Divine wind master sixth mystery. Divine fire still at third mystery.
1287 11269 Linley begin to fuse “Strength” with “Throbbing Pulse of the World”
1487 11469 Linley master “Strength” and complete the fusion of “Strength” with “Throbbing Pulse of the World”
After 3 months of testing, he master new technique “Firmament Splitter” from “Strength” with “Throbbing Pulse of the World”
Linley and Delia decide to visit Meer city. Forhan decide to betray the clan by selling information about Linley to 8 clans.
Linley already mastered fourth law in water. Bebe meet her grandma Carolina, Delia become pregnant
1488 11470 Linley, Delia, Wade and Bebe together with Phusro return to Skyrite Mountains and they are ambushed by 8 elders clans
Phusro kill 2 elders. Tewila kill another elder. Linley kill the remaining 5 elders. Delia enter in coma.
Linley and Phusro go to Skyrite Mountains with Delia in coma and his son. 3 months later, Beirut appear and save Delia from soul death
Beirut accuse Forhan of treason, call his friend Dunnington to hypnotize Forhan to confess his crime. Forhan die in hands of his own mother Grand Elder Gaia
1491 11473 Linley gain insight into “Vitality” from Earth
1591 11573 Bebe come back to Skyrite Mountains, Nisse find out Linley, Delia and Bebe are alive. Nisse decide to travel from Jadefloat to Indigo to see Bebe.
 ? Decades later, clan leaders of 4 divine beasts decide to retire from battle and recover the forces in Skyrite Mountains
1621 11603 Nisse appear in Skyrite Mountains and meet Bebe, Linley and Delia again
1651 11633 Bebe marry Nisse. Nisse give birth to Ina.
~1700 ~11682 Linley master fourth mystery in Fire, late stage in fifth mystery in water, mastered seven mysteries in wind. Reach bottleneck in Vitality in earth
Beirut visit Skyrite Mountains to resolve the enmity of 4 Divine Beasts and 8 major clans. Sovereign order 8 clans to return to their respective planes.
Bloodridge Sovereign, Beirut, 4 Divine Beasts and 8 clans witness Linley becoming Highgod in Earth after gaining insight in Gaia vs. Barbary
~1800 ~11782 Beirut finally conclude the forge of new sword for Linley. Linley give the name “Mirage” to longsword
Bebe become Highgod. Nisse and Bebe go to Jingan Prefecture of the Jadefloat Continent to visit Salomon
~1831 ~11813 Planar War between Divine Darkness Realm and Divine Light Realm begin. Duration of each Planar War is one thousand years.
~1900 ~11882 Linley divine water clone start sixth profound mystery, divine wind clone start eight profound mystery, divine fire clone stuck with four mastered mysteries. Earth clone manage to connect Strength and Gravitational Space in fusion.
Linley, Delia, Wade and Ina visit Beirut in Lord Prefect’s residence of Indigo Prefecture.
~1901 ~11883 Bebe and Nisse return from trip. Linley group decide to go to Yulan plane by using Ironknife Gorge in Bloodridge Continent for teleportation.
Linley group visit the former Wushan township first. Find out there aren't magical beast, the city is recovered from destruction and there is Linley institute in which peak Saint magus chancellor Hamelyn manage, one of three great institutes of continent.
Linley group find out Dragonblood Castle became the sacred place for people. Meet Taylor, Sasha, Wharton, Barker brothers, Haeru, Reynolds, Zassler and others. Find out about death of Yale and others and situation of Yulan plane.
Linley avenge by killing Chester and Niemoller. After this, torture divine wind clone Odin, Odin suicide after seeing scryer record and Linley find out divine death clone Odin is in Netherworld plane. Baruch Empire absorb Odin Empire after this.
Beirut tell Linley about Nethergod Sovereign being able to recover former memories of undead of those who died. Linley leave his divine fire clone behind in Yulan plane after Linley and Bebe decide to go to Netherworld plane to beg Sovereign to recover Yale, George, Dixie and Hogg.
Linley and Bebe arrive in Sacred Undead Mountain of Netherworld plane. They go to south of Undead Realm to reach Northbone Prefecture of the northern Netherworld to find Sayant, the Lord Prefect. Odin is subordinate of Sayant.
Sayant tell Linley about Chief Sovereign living in Abyssal Mountain.
~1931 ~11913 Linley reach bottleneck in his divine water clone and reach Abyssal Mountain. They enter in Abyssal Inn and learn about Abyssal Fruit, which increase the power of deity and can become emissary of one sovereign.
Linley become Highgod in water after witnessing battle between Bloar and red haired woman who is sovereign in disguise and run Abyssal Inn.
Linley, Bebe and others enter in Abyssal Mountain. One obtain Abyssal Fruit in gray fog and Linley and Bebe reach the top of mountain to meet Sovereign. Linley meet Sovereign of Life first and then Chief Sovereign of Death. Sovereign of Death deny help to Linley.
Linley become aware about Planar Wars and how he can obtain his wish after Sovereign of Death tell him. Linley and Bebe travel to Tartarus in Nether Sea in full speed and not using metalic lifeform.
~1961 ~11943 Linley and Bebe reach Tartarus and go to Flamebone Island. Linley learn about conditions to enter in Planar Battlefield. Linley learn about all Tartarus Lords and enter in Bloodbath Arena, win hundred battles to challenge Redcliff Lord.
Linley battle against Redcliff and win. Linley become new Lord and enter in Planar Battlefield. Linley use commander blood-red badge while Bebe use soldier black badge.
~1962 ~11944 Linley obtain first enemy commander gold badge in Planar Battlefield.
~2022 ~12004 Linley divine wind clone become Highgod. Attract the attention of Benfield group who attack Linley and Bebe. Benfield flee after meeting Reisgem and Reihom, emissary of Redbud Sovereign. Linley and Bebe join in Reisgem squad to increase the chance to hunt commanders.
Linley squad meet Occluar divine Life clone and managed to kill him and get first gold badge.
~2122 ~12104 Linley begin to fuse completely four profounds mysteries of Earth.
~2522 ~12504 Linley reach bottleneck in fusing the four profound mysteries.
Paragon Bayer enter in Planar Battlefield after Occluar ask him to pay the favor he own to kill Bebe. Linley squad barely escape death by using sovereign's might and meet Montelo squad.
Montelo Augusta of the Divine Light Plane order 7 people of his squad to kill all except Reisgem. Linley and Bebe fight against Oman. Linley and Bebe flee underground and almost fall into chaotic space when Linley find pentametal crown that is an overgod taliman.
Linley and Bebe escape from battle in one direction while Reisgem and Reihom go to another direction. Linley and Bebe meet Lupe, another expert of Laws of the Earth. Linley kill him and obtain third gold badge. Linley and Bebe decide to hide in one big mountain and train.
~2525 ~12507 Linley complete the fusion of four profounds mysteries. Linley desenvolve three techniques: one soul defense, "Earth Armor" which focus in material defense and "Microcosm", the most powerful attack technique.
Linley and Bebe go out and meet Hemmers. Linley decide to spar with Hemmers to test out his new technique Microcosm until paragon Leylin 'Bluefire' interrupt the battle. Linley and Bebe become aware of secret of paragons. Bluefire tell them about Reisgem location and leave.
Linley and Bebe travel to meet Reisgem and Reihom again and join them. They kill Montelo divine clone and his group. Montelo ask his father, patriarch of Augusta clan to kill them. Paragon Magnus go to Planar Battlefield to kill Linley. Linley suffer from most powerful attack of Maguns and enter in coma.
~2559 ~12541 Linley wake up from coma and become first Soul Mutate with 4 clones in counteless planes of multiverse.
~2569 ~12551 Coiling Dragon ring is completely repaired.
~2659 ~12641 Linley connect Throbbling Pulse of the World of the Laws of Earth with Circular Softness of the Laws of Water.
~2831 ~12813 Final year of Planar Battlefield. Linley reach bottleneck in fusing Throbbling Pulse of the World of the Laws of Earth with Circular Softness of the Laws of Water.
Linley battle against Magnus and win after throwing him into chaotic space. Darkness win against Light in Planar Battlefield.
Yale, George, Dixie, Hogg and Bebe parents are alive, recover their memories and sent to Abyssal Mountain. Linley find out the situation about his mother and Doehring.
~2861 ~12843 Linley and Bebe arrive in Abyssal Mountain.
~2871 ~12853 Yale, George, Dixie, Bebe parents and Hogg arrive in Abyssal Mountain and are reunited with Linley and Bebe.
~2874 ~12856 Linley's group arrived at Northbone Prefecture. Yale killed Odin with the use of sovereign's might.
Linley's group returned to the Infernal Realm

Linley's divine fire clone with Wharton, Delia and others goes to the Infernal Realm to be reunited with Linley's group and visit their ancestor

~2974 ~12956 Linley successfully fused the Throbbing Pulse of the Earth and Circular Softness
Olivier and his son Deia visits Linley in the Skyrite Mountain
~2975 ~12957 Linley, Bebe, Olivier and Deia arrive at Yustone Mountain and rescued Diana. Olivier killed Bonnin
Linley and Lord Prefect of Skymount Molde battled and Molde's divine clone died. Linley acquire nine soul pearls bracelet from Molde. In Linley's interspatial ring the pentametal crown merge with the nine soul pearls bracelet.
Sovereign of the Wind Teresia stopped Linley's group while on the way back to the Indigo Prefecture. Sovereign of the Bloodridge Continent Boson arrived and stop Teresia. Boson killed Molde after being deceive
~3075 ~13057 Mosi visits Linley in the Skyrite Mountain to inform him about the black paper which Molde created. Linley finds out what are the three overgod talismans namely nine soul pearls, pentametal crown and red caltrop diamond.
~4075 ~14057 Linley is halfway in fusing (Earth)Throbbing Pulse of the Earth and (Wind)Dimensional Attack and also halfway in fusing (Water)Circular Softness and (Wind)Dimensional Attack. Bebe fused two mysteries of darkness.

Linley's divine fire clone becomes a highgod. Linley's dragonform start to transform. Strenghtening it with Black Essence(Earth, Water, Wind and Fire Essence combined)

~4085 ~14067 Linley's dragonform transformation was completed. Linley's dragonform from azure-gold in color turned into inky jade. While his claw, spine, forehead, elbow, knee and claws turns black.
Linley's family and friends starts to roam the Infernal Realms.
~5015 ~14097 Linley's group arrived in Jadefloat Continent. Linley finds some clue about the red caltrop diamond then travels to Muja Continent
~5017 ~14099 Linley arrived in Muja Continent in search of Brodie. Linley finds Chegwin group in search of Brodie. Linley accept Brodie's 3 request to acquire the red caltrop diamond, while Brodie exchanging the interspatial ring Chegwin attack Linley by his innate ability 'heaven's devouring' and kill Brodie. Chegwin finds out that the red caltrop diamond is fake. Linley send Chegwin in chaotic space.
After a month, Chief Sovereign of Light acquire the Overgod Decree and goes to the Infernal Realm. Chief Sovereign of Light and other Sovereigns from different realms goes to Linley in search of the Nine Soul Pearls. Chief Sovereign of Destruction goes to Linley's place to remind Chief Sovereign of Light about there agreement 10,000 years ago
Sovereign of Muja Continent search Brodie and his Wife and finds out that they goes to a material plane 'Okerlund' thirty years ago. Thousands of High Gods from different planes descended in Okerlund Plane. The Planar Overseer of Okerlund Plane was taken by Paragon Ballmer.
Linley and Dunnington fight against Ballmer. The fight between the three attracted the other 6 paragons. Ballmer being surrounded by Paragons confess that he killed that Planar Overseer and Brodie left the Okerlund Plane and goes to the Life Realm while hiding the Red Caltrop Diamond hidden.
Randiant Goddess give a box regarding the clue to Red Caltrop Diamond to Clementine. The five paragons of Fogdeep Continent including Linley goes to Lion Heart City of Beastgod Continent. The other four paragons of Beastgod Continent sees that the other five all goes to Lion Heart City. They all began to inspect the Lion Heart City.
Paragon Clementine finds out about the history of the Lion Heart City and sees the Silverhorn Snow Lion and goes to the North to find out the Silverhorn Snow Lion with interspatial ring in its heart. Linley find out about it after reading some books in the Magus Library. After seeing Linley and Clementine depart the Lion Heart City and heads to the North the other 7 paragons give a chase as well.
Clementine gets the interspatial ring with red caltrop diamond inside. The other eight paragons chase and surrounds him. After receiving multiple spiritual attack Clementine toss a fake interspatial ring while the other eight including Linley grab the opportunity to snatch it. Linley gets it and found that nothing is in there and chase Clementine while fleeing. The other seven gave up the chase but Linley release 30% of its fused divine power and manage to catch Clementine.
Clementine gave up and gives the red caltrop diamond to Linley. Chief Sovereign of Light planar projection appears in Okerlund Plane and forcing Linley to give him the red caltrop diamond. Chief Sovereign of Destruction interrupts. The 8 other paragons depart the material plane. Linley and Bebe stays for the fear of sovereign waiting for them.
Linley's other 3 divine clones and Beirut travels the chaotic space from Yulan Plane to Okerlund Plane. Beirut admitted that he is a Sovereign. Beirut explained to Linley about soul of sovereigns. Augusta goes again to chaotic space to chase Beirut and Linley. While on the way back home Sovereign Teresia interferes. Bluefire arrives and help Beirut, Linley and Bebe. They succeeded to escape Teresia and Augusta. Linley told Beirut and Bluefire that he obtain the three overgod talisman
Linley summons the Overgod of Life and ask to revive his Grandpa Doehring. Doehring Cowart can't be revive and Overgod of Life ask Linley to change his request. Linley ask for an Overgod Sword.
Linley enters Necropolis of the God with Beirut, Bluefire and Bebe. Beirut leads the way to eighteenth floor. Linley finds out that the eighteenth floor have four corpses of the Divine Beast. Beirut told them about the true story of the Four Divine Beast and Chief Sovereign of Light. Beirut give 2 sovereign sparks to Linley, the sovereign spark of Water Azure Dragon and Earth Black Tortoise.
September 24Linley created Dragonblood Continent. Yulan Plane now have three continent forming a triangle namely Yulan Continent, Bluefire Continent and Dragonblood Continent.
~5320~14402Linley reach bottle in fusing three profound mysteries of different laws (Throbbing Pulse of the Earth, Circular Softness and Dimensional Attack). Linley gain an insight in fusing Throbbing Pulse of the Earth and Explosion(Fire)
Patriach of Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise and Matriach of Vermillion Bird visits the Yulan Plane. Linley tells them the history of their four ancestors and ask Linley to take revenge. Beirut give 81 drops each of blood essense of the four divine beast to Linley for him to develop supreme ability.
Linley starts to create his own Divine Plane and experiment the blood essence.
~10320~19402Linley successfully finished his own fused divine plane. Linley fused 5 mysteries in earth and four mysteries in water. Linley successfully fused three mystery of different laws (throbbing pulse of the earth, circular softness and dimensional attack) and reach a bottleneck in dimensional attack and explosion.
Linley develops 'Sword Intent' an sword attack that have both physical and spiritual attack. It is made by fusing the three laws.
Linley, Beirut and Bluefire goes to Divine Plane of Wind to hunt Teresia. Linley's group chase Teresia. Frantic Teresia create a spatial reap and goes to chaotic space. Linley used for the first time his five fused mystery of the earth 'World Breaker' and 'World Disintegrator'. Linley killed Teresia and instantly fused with his sovereign spark.
Chief Sovereign of Wind and Linley battled each other. Linley used one of the three of his five fused earth attack 'World Imploder'. Linley being able to survives Diya's innate ability and strongest attack, Diya being scared fled back to Divine Wind Plane. Sovereign from all planes one by one goes to Divine Wind Plane
Chief Sovereign pledge Linley as not guilty except Chief Sovereign of Wind. Beirut and Bebe goes back to Yulan Plane while Linley goes to Divine Light Plane with Augusta but the four chief sovereign of the edicts called them for the third duel of Orloff and Wodred. They goes to the chaotic space. Wodred lose to the duel.

Linley goes to Divine Light Plane along with Augusta and Hurley. Five Chief Sovereign goes to Divine Light Plane as well. Linley injured Augusta while Linley killed Hurley's lesser sovereign earth clone. After Linley reveals some of his power the other five Chief Sovereigns back out in their pursuit. Augusta threaten Linley that he will ask Orloff to help him deal with Linley so Linley stop the pursuit and goes to the Infernal Realm

~10321~19403Boson goes to Linley and discuss about the upcoming Planar War and about him having emissaries.
Linley goes to Divine Light Plane to negotiate to Augusta. Hogg recognize Lina and the deal with Linley and Augusta concluded.
Linley's Wind clone goes to Yulan Plane and create its own divine wind plane while his original body and earth clone goes to his territories in search of emissaries and his fire and water clone accompany Delia
~10821~19903Linley fused five mysteries of the wind and successfully fused dimensional attack and explotion. He starts fusing four different laws. Linley completed his six emissaries.
~10921~20003Bresle one of Linley's emissaries develop a magical formation called Samsara
~11421~20503Linley completed his own divine wind plane and fused six mysteries of the wind.
~11686~20768Samsara formation is completed and a success. Bresle's group of six goes to the Planar War.
~11894~20896Linley reach final bottleneck in his four way fusion.
~11920~21002Sovereigns goes to Plane Battlefield to watch. Planar wars come to an end and resulted to a draw.
Wodred tells Linley about the freedom of Angel and finds out that he has been scammed by Augusta and Orloff.
After Hogg and Lina goes to material plane. Linley goes to Divine Light Plane to kill Augusta.
Augusta use Spacetime Paradox then Linley got an insight and finally fused four different laws. Linley killed Augusta and find out that he is a Bula Race and his clone is Orloff
Orloff enrage tried to kill Linley. Linley while fleeing killed Borte and merge with his fire sovereign spark as his last resort.
After fusing with the sovereign spark, Linley's body transform once again. His sovereign sparks melted by gray energy and his five soul shape soul becomes one and translucent.
Linley, Orloff and the others devoured by the gray energy. Only a few who have luck survives
Linley met Hongmeng. Hongmeng explained to Linley about Cosmos. Linley change his name to Linmeng.
Linmeng goes back to his cosmo and goes to his family and friend.
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