The Universe Creator (or Grandmist Controller) is a being that is more powerful than Sovereigns and Overgods. They created the cosmos. Currently there are only three known Universe Creators; Hongmeng, Linley Baruch and Qin Yu from Stellar Transformations. Universe Creators resides outside the cosmos in the Hongmeng Grandmist. Their bodies are made from Grandmist spirit-energy, there are two types of Grandmist bodies, Inextinguishable Xuanhuang Body and Grandmist Body with the latter being slightly weaker.

Grandmist Banner

When someone who has reached the Grandmist Space or created a Cosmos put their name on the Grandmist banner, they will officialy become Grandmist Controllers and will be able to use the Spatial and Temporal Laws and determine the Fates of everyone in every Cosmos.

There can only be four 1st-level Grandmist Controllers. After those four, all the Cosmoses created will be only a hundredth as big as the Cosmoses created by the 1st-level Grandmist Controllers

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