One of Linley’s three roomates at the Ernst Institute. Extremely wealthy, also hails from the Holy Union. One year older than Linley, and the oldest of the four bros. Belongs to the Dawson clan.

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Yale was the son of the Chairman of the Dawson Conglomerate.

He met Linley for the first time during the Ernst Institute's entrance exams. Afterwards, he and Linley became the dormmates of Reynolds and George.

After Apocalypse Day, he left the Institute and joined his father in his business, learning the tricks of manageing the Conglomerate.

After succeeding his father in becoming the Chairman of the Dawson Conglomerate, at some point, Yale became mind-controlled by the Grand Warlock[1]. During the time he was controlled, he used his influence to provide the Grand Warlock with sufficient sacrifices to continue his Soul harvesting. It is later revealed that the Grand Warlock placed a Soulseed inside of Yale's soul[2]. Yale was later freed from the Warlock's control after Linley killed the Warlock.

After Linley and his entourage return form the Infernal Realm, they learn of Yale's terrible fate at the hands of Odin. After the Dawson Conglomerate fell under his control, Odin actually controlled Yale and made him personally kill one member of the Dawson clan after another. These people included Yale’s son, his wife, his descendants, his brothers…they all died. And Yale personally killed them all. But that Odin didn't kill him afterwards, he sealed up Yale’s mageforce, and then bound him and strung him up on a tree in the Odin Palace. When bored, Odin would often go sit beneath the tree, drinking wine and enjoying the services of the palace made. When he listened to Yale’s insane curses, he seemed to rather enjoy it… as though he enjoyed Yale’s madness, his despair. When Reynolds sent out his divine sense, Yale reacted, very slightly. But he just repeated the words, ‘I have sinned!’ ‘I have sinned!’ He begged Reynolds to kill him. He was hung there and his mageforce was sealed; he was unable to kill himself. He wanted Reynolds to kill him! To release him from it all! Ultimately, Reynolds complied with his wishes and released Yale from his suffering[3].

He is later revived and granted back his memories by the Chief Sovereign of Death since Linley fulfilled her conditions for reviving his lost friends and family. He then reached the rank of Highgod via the fusing of Divine Sparks.[4].

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Yale is referred to as 'Boss Yale' by his other three Bros.

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